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Duck Stock (Save That Carcass)

Russ and I love duck and I love to make stock with the remaining carcass, wing tips and that big neck. I remove the skin from the neck. We mostly eat marinated Asian style duck, so I pop the wings and neck in the marinade and then bake them alongside the bird for a while. I also strain off the fat and cooking juices and after removing the layer of fat, add the jellied juices to my stock. I use the stock for noodle soup for the two of us. - Similiar recipes

Basic Boiled Duck Meat And Stock Recipe

A basic rendering of duck into fat, meat and stock useable in many other dishes. Prep:30m - Similiar recipes

Double-Rich Duck Stock

Make in conjunction with Best Roast Duck. Also from Barbara Kafka's "Roasting: A Simple Art". Fabulous for soups! You can also freeze this, and use it the next time you make the roast duck, and then again for stock, making it richer and richer each time. - Similiar recipes

duck stock

i had my butcher cut up 2 ducks for me for 2 dinners, this is what i made with the trimmings, courtesy of emeril. cooking time doesn't reflect the fact that you should make this a day ahead, refrigerate overnight,and skim the fat before using or freezing, just like chicken soup. use this as you would any stock. - Similiar recipes
Grilled Duck With Rhubarb Cherry Glaze

Grilled Duck With Rhubarb Cherry Glaze

The grilled duck is glazed with a delicious rhubarb cherry glaze that has hints of orange. The flavors borrowed into the rice in which it is served on. This seems very complex but you can simplify by using butter or oil in place of the rendered duck fat, replace the stock with water, and by buying the duck in cut pieces. - Similiar recipes
Duck Soup

Duck Soup

This is Russell's speciality. This soup is easy to make, though it takes a bit of planning. It is a complete and filling meal made the way we do. The original recipe came from an Ian Parmenter cookbook, but I doubt he'd recognise his recipe now! Prep and cooking time are just a guess-and don't include overnight refrigeration of the stock or marinated meat-sorry about that! I like to add snow peas or asparagus to this sometimes too. - Similiar recipes

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