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Uber Easy Lentil Chili

Why is it that tomato soup is always on sale? I always have way to much of it in my cupboard and I love this recipe because It gets rid of it quickly. - Similiar recipes

Abby's Easy Chili Dip

This dip takes 2 ingredients and can be eaten with a spoon as well. - Similiar recipes

Easy Cheesy Mexican Dip

This dip requires only three basic ingredients. If you're bringing it to a party, you can assemble it ahead of time in a disposable aluminum pan and throw it in the oven when you arrive. I got this recipe from Lisa Lombardo, a friend of mine who brought it all the way from Albany, New York, to my housewarming party in Brooklyn. Even after the long haul it still tasted great! - Similiar recipes
Easy Grilled Hamburgers Recipe

Easy Grilled Hamburgers Recipe

Basic and classic hamburger recipe for your afternoon's on the grill! Tried and true, this will never fail. Add any of your favorite toppings. Remember not to mix so much as it will make the burger fall apart. I loved this picture, so I had to add............And toast those buns!! - Similiar recipes

Easy And Quick Chili Fritos Supper Recipe

When you are in a big hurry to fix a hot meal this is really good. Prep:5m - Similiar recipes

Easy Zucchini-chili Vegetable Stew Recipe

This slow cooker recipe is for when you have no time to cook! Just toss it together the night before to put in the frig. - Then set the crock in the cooker before you're out the door in the morning! Tip: I often have many of the vegetables already diced and in the freezer. I just shake some from each of the bags("guess-timating" the amounts) and include the items from the cans. Then I'm off running as usual! You can switch out, or omit, any of the items you want. - Similiar recipes
Easy Mild Chili

Easy Mild Chili

A fast dinner that is tasty and satisfying. - Similiar recipes

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