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Egg Plant Scramble Recipe

Egg Plant Scramble Recipe


Cattleships Tuna Egg Salad

A cold mixture of tuna, egg and other ingredients. It can be used to make sandwiches, as a salad over lettuce, as a spread, or as a snack by itself. I first made this when I was in college in Texas back in the 80's. A few potato chips goes great with a sandwich made with this salad. - Similiar recipes
Champignon Salat Mit Ei (German Mushroom & Egg Salad)

Champignon Salat Mit Ei (German Mushroom & Egg Salad)

(Translation: Mushroom Salad with Egg.) This is an authentic modern German recipe I acquired while living in Germany. It is very pretty for a dinner party and is light and refreshing tasting. I translated this from a German version I found in "Kochen und Geneissen" magazine. I made my salad with the rocket leaves, which have a nutty, peppery taste. - Similiar recipes

Cheese and Egg Sandwich Filling

Nothing fancy here but it worked to make a sandwich a little different from the usual egg sandwich to put in lunches. The original version came from a recipe leaflet that came from the local electric company about 30 years ago. It called for using process cheese and no dressing and chopping everything together in a food chopper(gotta use more electricity for the electric company!) but I prefer the cheddar, doing the prep by hand and usually use Miracle Whip to bind it together as I like it rather than mashing it all together in a food chopper. - Similiar recipes

Chicago Deli Egg Salad

Egg salad taken to a whole new level! From my collection of recipes, taken from a magazine about 10 years ago. - Similiar recipes

Bacon And Egg Salad For Sandwiches Recipe

A different egg salad for sandwiches. I love onions, so I usually add some finely chopped scallions or red onion to this. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Easy Egg Foo Yung Recipe

This is a wonderful little egg foo yung meal that is ready in less than 30 minutes if you have some leftover meat in the fridge. Taste the same as most good Chinese restaurants Servings:6 - Similiar recipes

Chinese Take out Egg Rolls

The egg rolls often served in Chinese restaurants can be poor imitations of what egg rolls should be. They suffer from what the restaurant industry refers to as "sand-bagging". It means your rolls have probably been made hours in advance, stacked and ready for a reheat after you order it. This process tends to result in soggy or tough exteriors, not to mention higher grease retention. Our version is crispy on the outside with lots of pork, shrimp, and well-seasoned vegetables, and is likely to be the best egg roll you've ever eaten. From The Take-Out Menu Cookbook. - Similiar recipes
Chorizo Egg Cups

Chorizo Egg Cups

These are really good! They're great served for brunch for something a bit different from the norm. I have found that the recipe makes twice the amount as what's stated; if you fill them any more than half full, the egg will overflow, so plan on making about 20-24 cups total - at least that's what I always seem to end up with. Make sure to let them sit the full 20 minutes or they will fall apart when taking them out of the cups. These are great reheated the next day, too! Courtesy of Rachael Ray. - Similiar recipes

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