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Creamy Curried Scrambled Eggs

"A different twist on comfort food for breakfast. Cream cheese added to the eggs makes them extra-decadent, while the curry and shallots make them extra-savory. Delicious served on warmed plates with toast on a cold Seattle morning!" - Similiar recipes

Chipotle and Adobo Pickled Eggs

"These pickled eggs are great sliced and served on a salad or just eat them plain for a quick low carb snack! You can adjust the heat by adding more or less chipotle and adobo." - Similiar recipes
Quebec Pickled Eggs

Quebec Pickled Eggs

"Pickled eggs are great served whole or in slices. They're perfect for salads and appetizer trays. The longer the eggs stand before serving, the stronger the vinegar flavor will be." - Similiar recipes
Garlic Pickled Eggs

Garlic Pickled Eggs

"These tasty pickled eggs are great to keep around as a snack. For red eggs, substitute beet juice for water." - Similiar recipes

Delectable Deviled Eggs

"This is a great recipe that I created after some experimentation. Barbeque seasoning is a tasty twist to deviled eggs." - Similiar recipes

Pickled Eggs III

"Use this recipe as a last minute side dish. These lightly spiced pickled eggs are always a treat, especially served with breads and cheeses." - Similiar recipes
Cajun Deviled Eggs

Cajun Deviled Eggs

"Perfectly spicy deviled eggs, I gar-on-tee!" - Similiar recipes

Deviled Eggs with Zip

"I've taken these yummy deviled eggs to many events, and folks always enjoy them. They're just a little spicy! Adjust the proportions of the mustards and mayonnaise to taste. I sometimes add a hot Jamaican pepper if I really want to spice them up." - Similiar recipes

Epicurean Deviled Eggs

"Very rich and creamy deviled eggs." - Similiar recipes
Super Scrambled Eggs Number One

Super Scrambled Eggs Number One

"These awesome scrambled eggs have bacon, cheese and onion in. Wow! My whole dish tastes like bacon plus goodness! Also, for the record, when I cook these, I normally eye out the ingredients. I just tried to narrow it down for this here website! But yeah, try different combinations and stuff; add more of whatever. Remember: too much cheese can make them too good, but milk - you don't want much milk." - Similiar recipes

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