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Fast N Easy Shrimp Paella Recipe

This recipe was adapted from Mark Bittman's "Bittman Takes on America's Chefs." I make it all the time and it's one of my favorite dinners, albeit a little more expensive than some because of the saffron and fresh shrimp needed. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Michaels Fast Easy Yummy Caesar Salad Recipe

A quick and easy to make scratch Caesar Salad that can be whipped up in no time. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Fast Pizza Sauce Recipe

This recipe makes enough sauce for three large pizzas. It's use of canned tomatoes and herbs-in-a-tube practically cancel out prep time. You can even throw it all in a crock pot and have it ready along with bread machine dough at the end of the day for an even faster meal. Leftovers freeze well for later use. - Similiar recipes
Fast Chicken Taco Bake Recipe

Fast Chicken Taco Bake Recipe

Easy to make uses a prepared dinner mix Prep:10m - Similiar recipes
Grizzlys Fast Bear Claws Recipe

Grizzlys Fast Bear Claws Recipe

these will have ya comming back for more........;-) Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Fast Greek Pork Wraps With Feta Recipe

Another quick dinner. Pork, feta, greek yogurt and fresh spinach with a hint of lemon, all wrapped up together. Use lamb instead of pork if you prefer. I like to allow at least one hour for marinading time. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Fast And Simple Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe

I make this for my sweetie when we're craving Cajun food but don't have the time to make the real stuff. It is also something we like to eat when we're trying to lose weight. Prep:30m - Similiar recipes

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