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Chinese Twice Cooked Whole Fish (Or Fillets)

Ginger, garlic, and pungent seasonings are "seared" into cooked fish with hot oil. Traditionally, peanut oil is used but my husband found that the olive oil/butter combination is the most flavorful. He prefers using "bony fish" like largemouth bass or rockfish, but it also goes well with seabass fillets. - Similiar recipes
Baked Thai Style Fish

Baked Thai Style Fish

NOTE: RECIPE EDITED after the May 31 review by French Tart: there WERE small errors in this recipe!! In this edited version they have been eliminated. I did make a mistake re the fish and oyster sauces. Try it now! I love this recipe because it is so easy, delicious and extremely low-fat, yet doesn't make you feel as if you're eating diet food. Please note that, as I live on the sea (south-east coast of South Africa) I only use a whole, head-on, cleaned fish for this. If you use fillets, the baking time given will be too long, so please adjust timing. If you like, panfry the fillets and use the sauce with it. I post a picture of the type of angling fish (in this case called "red roman" - Similiar recipes

Asian Marinade for Fish or Shrimp

I found this recipe on the internet. It was originally for tuna steaks, but I've found that it is just as delicious for catfish and other white fish fillets, and for shrimp. Original recipe is for 1 pound of fish, but I think this makes enough to marinate a bit more than that. Preparation time includes 20 minutes marinating time. - Similiar recipes

Steamed Halibut Fillets With Sweet Pepper Cucumber And Basil Vinaigrette Recipe

This is a wonderful way to prepare fish. Bamboo steamers are available in kitchen stores in various sizes and are very inexpensive.Credits to: Two Meatballs in the Italian Kitchen by Pino Luongo and Mark Strausman Prep:15m - Similiar recipes
Brodetto Di Cesenatico   Fish Soup Recipe

Brodetto Di Cesenatico Fish Soup Recipe

This is a very tasty Italian soup or stew. Use the freshest fish or nice frozen fish fillets, shrimp(added at the very last) really, whatever floats your boat! I sprinkle the toasted bread which is placed in the bottom of the bowl with fresh grated cheese. - Similiar recipes

Fried Fish Tacos (For Krsi Sue)

Fresh fillets of fish cut or chunks cut and sauted with taco seasoning mix with lemon and butter or margarine. Shark is wonderful if you can get. Put in corn tortillas.Serve with shredded cheese,diced tomatoes, avacado slices, lettuce and onions. - Similiar recipes

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