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Asian Fish Stock

A "twist" on the basic fish stock recipe, this recipe uses a bit of serrano chili, ginger and sherry. - Similiar recipes

Double-rich Fish Stock Recipe

Stock freezes well and that is what makes it worth while to make when you only need a cup or two. I portion my extra stock in 2 cup freezer bags and put them into a gallon bag before freezing. Prep:30m - Similiar recipes
Homemade Fish Stock Recipe

Homemade Fish Stock Recipe

This recipe makes wonderful homemade fish stock for use as a base for soups, stews, and sauces. It can be frozen for future use. I store it by putting 2 cups into a quart size zip type freezer bag and into the freeze it goes. Freezing in 2 cup bags allows the ability use small or large amounts. This recipe makes about 3 quarts of stock. - Similiar recipes

Fish Fumet (Fancy Fish Stock)

This is the base for another recipe posted here Sonoma Bourride with Halibut(rz# 184789). Although you can make seafood chowders, soups and stews without fish fumet, they are ALWAYS better when they have a freshly made stock as a foundation. You can make a large batch of this and freeze it in 2-3 cup portions so that you have it whenever you need it. To get the "frames" needed for this recipe, just ask you local fish monger for the heads, bones, frames, tails, etc; they are usually happy to give them away. DO NOT cook this fumet for more than 30 min with the bones. If you want a stronger stock, after discarding the fish and the veggies, reduce the fumet by half. If you cook this WITH the fish for more than 30 min, you will end up with a very "fishy" stock....that is not good eats!! - Similiar recipes

Fish Stock

I had prawn shells and fish heads left over once, I thought it was such a shame to throw it all out. So I came up with this recipe. You can freeze it in small portions to use when you want.Fish trimmings can be skins, heads, tails, whole fish, shells of lobster,crayfish, prawns and mussels. - Similiar recipes

Basic Fish Stock

I dunno where I originally got this from, but I like the amount I can make (12 cups). My local fish store will keep bones for me, for no charge! - Similiar recipes

Eating Well's Rich Fish Stock

From the original Eating Well magazine. This recipe is from 1990. I wanted to post it here so I don't lose it.Don't skimp on the time, it is necessary to develop the gelatin and body of the stock. - Similiar recipes

Fish Stock by Mean Chef

I adopted this recipe when Mean Chef departed this site, I am a seafood lover and think this is a great recipe, Original Intro states: A simple stock that freezes well - Similiar recipes

Fish Stock a La Normandy

Use the heads, tail, frames, etc from any fresh fish such as red snapper, halibut, bass--saltwater fish that is white fleshed. It's very simple to make and freezes beautifully and has endless uses--in soups, chowders, sauces. - Similiar recipes

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