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Double Coconut Custard Recipe

Double Coconut Custard Recipe

A mix of cream of coconut and flaked coconut makes this filling/pudding a coconut lovers dream! Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Coconut Ice Cream/Gelato

I LOVE coconut ice cream and gelato and was so pleased to have had a friend give this recipe to me. Most of the time, I leave the sweetened flaked coconut out since I don't particularly care for the added texture, but that's just me. My friend who makes this all of the time uses a sweetened flaked coconut that is found in the freezer section of the supermarket and says that the taste is better. Experiment and enjoy! - Similiar recipes

Cilantro Coconut Rice

We decided to use sweetened flaked coconut rather than fresh coconut for this recipe because it not only saves time but enhances the overall flavor of the dish, adding a touch of subtle sweetness. Soaking the basmati rice strengthens the grains to prevent the rice from breaking down during cooking. - Similiar recipes

Awesome Creamy Coconut Dip

I love the flavor of coconut but am not crazy about flaked coconut. This recipe gives me just what I love! Terrific when served with fresh fruit slices, graham crackers, and/or graham sticks. Cook time is actually chilling time. - Similiar recipes
Coconut Flan

Coconut Flan

Quesillo de Coco\r\n\r\nYou could buy a ticket to the Tropics—or you could simply make this flan. Heady with rum and sweet flaked coconut, this incredibly easy, super-delicate dessert will transport you straight to a table in the sand, under the swaying palms. If only every recipe could be this straightforward and rewarding. - Similiar recipes

Coconut Chocolate Bites

Do you like chocolate and coconut? Do you like Mounds bars? This is better! My daughter makes this for me. It is a "died and gone to heaven" confection! Easy, too! (She couldn't find unsweetened dried coconut in our town, so she just used all sweetened flaked coconut) - Similiar recipes
Coconut Chocolate Squares

Coconut Chocolate Squares

My daughter made these for me on Mother's Day. They are SO GOOD! If you like Mounds Bars, these are even better! She couldn't find the dried unsweetened coconut, so she just used all sweetened flaked coconut. - Similiar recipes

Flaked Coconut Balls

Refreshing, flakey cherry coconut ice cream. Ideal as a summer dessert. To be enjoyed with your dear ones. DELICIOSSSO!!! - Similiar recipes

Quick Sticky Buns

"These are great when you want homemade goodies but don't have the time to make them. I sometimes use flaked coconut instead of the pecans for a different taste!" - Similiar recipes

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