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Pear, Kiwi, Berry, Flax Seed Smoothie

Pear, Kiwi, Berry, Flax Seed Smoothie

I use a Vita-Mix for this. If you are using a blender, grind the flax seed and bee pollen in a coffee grinder first. This is thick - you can eat with a spoon or drink down with a straw. Flax is very high in lignans which have anti-tumor properties, antioxidants of 800 ppm and could mimic the results of Tamoxifen ---- the anti-cancer drug for breast cancer... with NO side effects! Flax is one of the richest sources of valuable omega-3 fatty acids about 50% of its fat being omega-3's, almost twice as much as fish oil! which lower high blood cholesterol and triglyceride. Omega-3's decrease the probability of a blood clot blocking an artery. They are necessary for visual function, sperm formulation, brain development, and adrenal function. It will lower high blood pressure, and help to decrease allergic response, and may help inflammatory conditions, lower the insulin requirement of diabetics and have been used in the treatment and prevention of arthritis, asthma can be relieved, omega-3's dissolve tumors. Flax is also a great source of fiber. 25-30 Grams of fiber reduces chances of colon and breast cancer. Try it you'll like it. Tastes good and it's good for you! - Similiar recipes

Cracked Pepper & Flax Seed Cheese Ball

From the Flax council of Canada Info bookletAlso flax seed may also be ground ( measure first ) then grind or mill - Similiar recipes

Breakfast Smoothie With Flax Seed Oil & Psyllium Husks

A nutritious breakfast smoothie with flax seed oil. - Similiar recipes

Caesar Dressing With Flax Seed

Ground flaxseed contributes a nutty flavor, as well as omaga-3 fatty acids, to salad dressings. The flax seed mixture thickens as it stands and gives the dressing it's texture. Originally from Cooking Light. Perfect with Warm Salmon Salad a la Provencal. We love this recipe in the summer with fresh salad greens and grilled salmon. - Similiar recipes

Flax Seed Raspberry & Coriander Vinaigrette

A nice way to have flax seed oil either over salad or warm veggies. - Similiar recipes
Flax Berry Smoothie (W/Spinach - Shhh,they Won't Know!)

Flax Berry Smoothie (W/Spinach - Shhh,they Won't Know!)

This is a great way to slip healthy spinach and flax seed meal into your loved one's diet. It is healthy and satisfying and you will benefit from the probiotics (yogurt), antioxidants (berries), omega-3's and fiber (flax meal), potassium (banana) and the numerous benefits of spinach (to name a few - vitamin K, A, C, B2, B6, E, folate, iron, calcium, potassium & fiber). Also by combining the berries (Vitamin C) with the spinach (iron) you are allowing for more absorption of iron from the spinach ( I have this about an hour before my morning workout. - Similiar recipes

Flax Meal Cinnamon Muffins - South Beach

This is a good way to introduce flaxmeal into your diet. These muffins are also Phase II appropriate for the South Beach Diet, just be sure to count this toward your daily nut/seed allowance. Believe me, when you have been craving bread, these muffins taste like heaven! - Similiar recipes
Ruth's Flax Seed Balls

Ruth's Flax Seed Balls

An untried raw food vegan recipe that was recommended on a vegan newsgroup I lurk on.Aug 2004: Finally got around to making these myself. They are pretty sticky so I rolled them in coconut just like truffles. Big hit with the 3 year old and me. Would be worth putting in the fridge or freezer to firm them up. - Similiar recipes

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