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Green Food Paint Recipe

This is the green food paint version that goes along with my other "Food Paints" post Prep:10m - Similiar recipes
Egg Drop Soup Fast Food Version Recipe

Egg Drop Soup Fast Food Version Recipe

This is a recipe meant to re-create the Egg Drop Soup people order at those Chinese fast food take out places (Panda Express, Pik Up Stix, etc.) that have tweaked recipes for more American pallets. This recipe has all the flavors and ingredients the local chinese fast food chain "Magic Wok" here in SoCal has, since they don't use vegies that tend to wilt (onions, chives, sprouts, etc) the soup travels and reheats well.The kind of soup you'd get and later reheat in a Styrofoam to-go bowl. Most recipes emphasize the authentic, this recipe is the closest to actually buying it from the take out places you'll find, and it guarantees you'll get the egg texture correct. Unlike most recipes on here. - Similiar recipes

Dog Food

Optimum Heath Dog Food - 1 week supply for 17kg dogHad to start making my own dog food as everything shop bought makes her ill. - Similiar recipes

Fairy Food

I am posting this for someone who can't find fairy food in their area. I have only had honeycomb chips but my husband has had the fairy food before, which I think should also be dipped in melted milk chocolate. I haven't made this recipe. - Similiar recipes
Grain-Free Beef Dog Food Treat

Grain-Free Beef Dog Food Treat

I found this great treat recipe on all-natural-dog-treat.comIt's completely grain free making it wonderful for pets who are allergic to grains and for owners who prefer to minimize the amount of grain products their pets eat.Note: This recipe can also be a good homemade meal for your dog.Sept, 2008:I originally published this recipe as a treat recipe. Since it doesn't seem to hold together very well it's now been changed to a dog food recipe. When I get a chance to play around with it I'll see if it can be made into a treat recipe again. I would only give this to my dog in small portions as a treat or to add flavour to her regular food. - Similiar recipes
Dog Food Dip

Dog Food Dip

"This dip recipe was given to me by a co-worker some 15 or more years ago. She made it for potlucks at work, and it was always gone from the nurse's station before the rest of the food was put out! It's a simple mixture of beef and cheese, but it should always be made a day in advance to allow the flavors to blend. Serve with your favorite corn chips." - Similiar recipes

Soda Pop Strawberry Angel Food Cake

"Strawberry flavored angel food cake, drizzled with a delightful strawberry glaze." - Similiar recipes
Mocha Angel Food Torte

Mocha Angel Food Torte

"Chocolate, toffee and a hint of coffee make this torte a popular request at Hillary Brunn's house. The Santa Rosa, California reader uses a few instant ingredients to give prepared angel food cake heavenly homespun flair." - Similiar recipes

Oklahoma Comfort Food: Brats, Cabbage and Green Bean Casserole

"This unusual combination of ingredients in a pot came to us through a friend by way of her mother. Our friend's mom takes food to families who have suffered a death in the family. They take all sorts of things but this always goes first. It is tasty. She uses kielbasa but we use brats. We also use Splenda instead of sugar. It freezes and reheats well." - Similiar recipes

Apricot Filling and Frosting for Angel Food Cakes

"This is a great recipe to fill and frost angel food cake, especially in the summer months." - Similiar recipes

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