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Strawberry Angel Food Dessert

Strawberry Angel Food Dessert

"Angel food pieces are topped with sweetened cream cheese, whipped topping and strawberries in glaze in this chilled, layered dessert." - Similiar recipes

Adult Low Salt & Mineral Dog Food

Both (!) of my girls have had to have surgery to remove bladder stones. I asked their vet for a recipe that I can make for them that I could make instead of buying the high priced prescription dog food. This is the recipe she gave me. This recipe is for the daily feed of a 40 pound dog. I wasn't able to add two ingredients to the list so please see the directions! This freezes very well. I make enough for the week, freeze it in microwavable containers defrost/heat as needed. Both of my girls love this I'm so lucky that my (their) vet was able to find this recipe for us! - Similiar recipes
Amazing Italian Meatballs (Raw Food)

Amazing Italian Meatballs (Raw Food)

These are tasty little raw food meatball substitutes. But I won't claim they are the prettiest things in the world - Similiar recipes

Food Paints Recipe

These are fun, flavorful "food paints" inspired by Katie Brown. They are a great accent to your hors d'oeuvres, and are very pretty to decorate serving platters Prep:20m - Similiar recipes
Avocado-Fig Tartlet (Raw Food)

Avocado-Fig Tartlet (Raw Food)

This is a raw food recipe I originally saw posted on The Summertree Café blog. Avocado and figs are a wonderfully rich and sweet combination. - Similiar recipes

Baby Food- Chicken, Two Potatoes, and Cheese (Oamc)

Per my pediatrician's guidance, I can now feed my 9 month old meat and cheese. I made this for him and he loves it! I used chicken breasts straight from the freezer that were organic with no added salt from Costco (be careful about how frozen meats are prepared some are full of additives). It made a total of 14 jars filled with 1/2 Cup each. I labeled, dated, and put them in the freezer along with all of the other homemade baby food. - Similiar recipes

Banana Cream Baby Food

Homemade, natural baby food that is yummy and so good for them. - Similiar recipes
Banilla Ice Cream (Raw Food)

Banilla Ice Cream (Raw Food)

This is a delicious raw food frozen treat. Originally seen posted on Gone Raw as part of a banana split recipe. - Similiar recipes

BBQ Brisket (From the Food Network Kitchens)

Not my own recipe, but it is delish. So far it rates 5 stars from 37 ratings on the Food Network. Make that 38 with my 5 stars. So here it is! - Similiar recipes

Reindeer Food Recipe For Christmas Eve Recipe

I just heard of this idea last year, from a new neighbor, but they bought it in a store. I went o/l and had none of the ingredrients in the house, but needed it now. So I used what I had. Granola, Cereal, Dog/Cat food etc., anything a squirrel would eat up. It worked, a new family traditon, best of all for free. - Similiar recipes

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