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Sylvias Soul Food Barbeque Sauce Recipe

Sylvia Woods’ awesome recipe for sauce used on the ribs served at her famous restaurant in Harlem. From the cookbook “Sylvia’s Soul Food.” Prep:10m - Similiar recipes
Quick From Scratch Food And Wines Spaghetti With Chicken And Thai Peanut Sauce Recipe

Quick From Scratch Food And Wines Spaghetti With Chicken And Thai Peanut Sauce Recipe

A Thai favorite, peanut sauce flavored with soy, ginger, lime, and hot pepper is usually served as a dip alongside chicken or pork satay. Here, we mix it with the chicken and the pasta for an easy meal; Source: Food and Wine Quick from Scratch Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Junk Food Casserole Recipe

The perfect food, if you're not worried about how healthy something is. Kids love it! Feeds 2 teenagers or 6 adults. Prep:20m - Similiar recipes

Wild Bird Food Recipe

Good bird food Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Slim Jim Clone 2 In A Food Dehydrator Recipe

A close clone for Slim Jims made in a food dehydrator. No casing is needed so you won;t get that snap you are used to. I have made these and you need to adjust the spices to your liking. Suggestion, make a small thin patty and fry to test. That will be as close as you can get. And watch the dehydrator carefully so you don;t wind up with slim jim jerky! - Similiar recipes

Chicken Barcelona With Food Processor

Entered for safe-keeping. From Judith Gethers's "The Fabulous Gourmet Food Processor Cookbook". This is a good buffet dish. - Similiar recipes

Chicken, Peas and Quinoa Baby Food

This baby food is for older babies who can chew well. I made this recipe up and although I know it is healthy it is not approved by the FDA or a pediatrician. My son loves it and does not have any problem eating or digesting it and that is good enough for me. I use all organic ingredients and freeze it in an ice cube tray. Reheat in the microwave 15 seconds at a time stirring each time. - Similiar recipes
Corn Chowder (Raw Food)

Corn Chowder (Raw Food)

Found this recipe on the internet, to add to my small number of raw food recipes! Although the original recipe called for 2 ears of fresh corn, I've included a substitute measure of frozen corn! Preparation time does not include the time needed for chowder to chill! - Similiar recipes

Cowboy Food

Growing up extremely poor and living in the Midwest, my mother had to get creative with a family of a military husband, 5 sons and 4 daughters. She dubbed this "Cowboy Food". I still love this to this day! Maybe it's just that it's so comforting to me! - Similiar recipes

Creamy Pork Chops and Rice Dish--Comfort Food!!

Aaahh, comfort food at it's best! Great for a quick weeknight meal. Ready in less than an hour. - Similiar recipes

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