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Ghee Flavoured Rice Recipe

Ghee Flavoured Rice Recipe

Instead of dumping lotsa ghee inside the rice , I prefer to drizzle and keep it less without compromising the flavour and the taste , and I have been successful so far . Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Spice Ghee Rice Recipe

A dish that can be serve with variety of chicken, meat or seafood dishes. A rice dish that is usually serve during weddings, but I usually make it at least once a week. My family love it and it's easy to make. Enjoy! (try it with the prawn and pineapple curry or the dry cream spicy chicken recipes that I have posted before.) - Similiar recipes
Indian Ghee Rice

Indian Ghee Rice

From Margaret Fulton - posting this to fulfill a request, times are estimated as I haven't made it myself. Use vegetable stock to make it vegetarian. - Similiar recipes

Ghee Rice

From today's City Times newspaper. This is a Sri Lankan speciality that goes well with Cashew and Greenpeas curry(posted separately). - Similiar recipes

Chicken Kadai Recipe

This is a great recipe of mine to eat with chappatis or preferably naan or roti. Kadai, is an Indian cooking pot that looks like a wok, with 2 handles on the side. Kadai dishes have Afghan and persian origins and are unique due to the cooking process in a heavy cast iron or copper pot. The key to making a Kadai is also in the oil or ghee. You should use a good amount of oil/butter or ghee as you can always remove it after cooking - Similiar recipes

Chicken Rezala Indian Dish Recipe

This is a very easy Indian dish made with chicken yogurt and onion. It uses Ghee instead of oil (ghee is very close to clarified butter) Prep:60m - Similiar recipes
Saffron Rice

Saffron Rice

A very fragrant Indian side dish! I just love the cardamom! Ghee can be bought in any supermaket if you want check out my recipe to make it. - Similiar recipes

Spicy Indian Dahl

I just love a steaming hot bowl of spicy, aromatic Indian Dahl. I served this with Anu's Tangy Lemon Rice with Peanuts, and chapattis. A delicious, nourishing meal. If you prefer not to use ghee or butter, substitute vegetable oil. Add the amount of chile powder as per your own taste - less or more is up to you. If you prefer, you can use Toor dahl or even split and hulled Moong dahl, instead of Masoor dahl. - Similiar recipes

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