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Cheese Platter Composition

From the Cook Street School of Fine Cooking. This came from Channel 9, a Denver TV station. I added pineapple chunks and grapes also. The amounts are a guess; use how much you think you need.A platter should present a selection of 3 cheeses: sheep, goat and cow as well as using a soft, semi soft and hard cheese. Serve 3 accompaniments - meats, vegetables, olives. Serve all cheeses at room temperature. Serve a variety of sliced breads and crackers. Feta is sheep cheese, Pico is goat cheese and Gouda is a cow cheese. I used these as examples; you can use whatever you want. - Similiar recipes

Cheese Trios & Spinach Puffs - so Easy and Delicious

I love making this for the kids as it doesn't have any surprise tastes, it is a basic and easy to make finger food that you can show up with a variety of spices if you wish.The cheeses are interchangeable... use gouda or swiss to change the taste, and add nutmeg if that is your taste.You can cut the filo pastry into 8 rectangles and put a small spoonful on the top edge and roll, until you have a filled tube (spray with oil to seal). Perfect finger food and everyone will come back for seconds! - Similiar recipes

Chevre and Tofu Mac and Cheese

We had a lot of cheese to use up one day and this was the result! Used tofu for a protein boost and texture. Use this recipe as a foundation for whatever cheese you have to use up: parmesan, gouda, gruyere, swiss, provolone, anything goes! This recipe made two 9x13 pans. - Similiar recipes

BBQ Onion & Smoked Gouda Quesadillas With Pea Shoot Mini Sal

You can find crisp, delicate pea shoots in the spring at farmers' markets, Asian markets, and some specialty foods stores (watercress can be substituted)from Bon Appetit, June 2008 - Similiar recipes
Gouda Penne With Spinach

Gouda Penne With Spinach

A different twist on macaroni & cheese. This is reminiscent of spinach dip with pasta added. This recipe can be made Gluten Free by using a Gluten Free pasta. - Similiar recipes

Smoked Gouda Cheese Dip

This has got to be my husband's favorite cheese dip! Whenever we have a family party, we always request the dip from my sister (the creator), and the jalapenos make a great dare for the adventurous! This recipe is very much "to your own taste", hence the minimal measurements, but I promise it will be worth it! - Similiar recipes

Asparagus With Lemon-Basil Gouda Cheese Sauce

Fresh bright green asparagus is just wonderful and adding a nice cheese and lemon flavored sauce, topped with sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts? not only is an appealing dish to the eye, but tasty as well! This recipe was made especially for the RSC# 11 contest. - Similiar recipes

Chicken Soup With Gouda

A very unique soup! You must try, especially if you are a gouda lover, like me! The caraway and gouda blend together to create a very unique flavor combination. I omit the butternut squash as DH and I aren't big fans. Enjoy! - Similiar recipes

Arugula Salad With Blue Cheese Recipe

An exotic combination of ingredients, great for guests, wonderful in your lunch. Packed with a variety of nutritious elements to treat your taste buds. If you like goat cheese, you can used shredded goat cheese instead of blue. If blue is too much for you, try Edam or Gouda. - Similiar recipes

Endive Salad With Gouda

The flavors in this salad are very bright and refreshing and nicely balanced with the warmer flavor of the gouda cheese. Be sure to purchase plain gouda and not the smoked variety. Rubbing the bowl with garlic sounds a bit odd but adds just a hint of flavor that subtly warms the whole concoction. I hope you enjoy it! - Similiar recipes

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