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Turkey Goulash

Turkey Goulash

"A lighter version of the classic goulash. Serve with a salad for a quick and healthful meal." - Similiar recipes

Mom Sykes' Hungarian Goulash

"The lemon flavor gives you a pleasant surprise in this tender goulash served over egg noodles." - Similiar recipes
Beef Goulash (Czech)

Beef Goulash (Czech)

This recipe comes from a cookbook called Anniversary Slovak-American Cookbook, published in 1952. This goulash tastes just like the goulash I ate in Prague. - Similiar recipes
Aurora's Hungarian Goulash

Aurora's Hungarian Goulash

A Quick hearty meal that is ready in 20 min. Note: This is a "Hungarian Goulash" typical of recipes found in North American Cookbooks and Magazines from decades past. Not to be confused with authentic Hungarian Goulash. - Similiar recipes

A Goulash for the Ages (So Easy!)

I adopted this goulash from my boyfriend's father. I haven't seen anybody else cook it this way. I don't measure any of the ingredients when I cook it, so unfortunately the measurements here are not exact. Just keep adding more of the ingredients until you get the taste you want. It is a sweet goulash, but the mustard and the vinegar give it a little bite! You could add canned tomatoes or onion to it, but I like bare bones. Very easy to make. - Similiar recipes

Beef Goulash Extraordinaire

This easy and incredible goulash is hearty and comforting. I spent many a night perfecting this recipe until it was just right. Needless to say, I had many willing taste testers. I do not recommend adding potatoes to this recipe to thicken it, as even the smoothest mashed potatoes make it gritty. If you really feel you would like the gravy thicker, add a loose paste of flour and water and cook until thickened. Serve with buttered egg noodles and steamed, buttered carrots. - Similiar recipes
Mom's  Goulash- Awesome!! Feed an Army W/ 3 Cheap  Ingredients

Mom's Goulash- Awesome!! Feed an Army W/ 3 Cheap Ingredients

Tomato soup goulash: It's easy and takes NO time to make!! This has fed a family of 4 boys and me with enough for seconds!! - Similiar recipes
Ground Beef Goulash

Ground Beef Goulash

My son loves this recipe and even ask for it for his birthday supper. My own recipe and I call it goulash. Very tasty and rich. - Similiar recipes

Hungarian Goulash Recipe

Classic recipe for authentic german goulash, which has no elbows :) Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Crock Pot Goulash Recipe

Seems like everyone in the Midwest has a recipe for goulash that has nothing to do with the Hungarian kind. This was my mom's recipe, which I adapted for the crock pot. This is a very simple recipe, but it's my brother's favorite meal in the world (thus I make it for him every Christmas Eve). Good with garlic-cheese bread. - Similiar recipes

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