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Great Salad Dressing

This is a great addition to any green salad. - Similiar recipes

Great Turkey Brine for a Moist Juicy Bird!

This is a great brine recipe for turkey, or it would work for chicken too.Make sure and soak your turkey in the brine at least overnight before cooking, or even better for 24 hours. You do need to keep the bird refrigerated while brining, but if your November weather is like ours, we often can keep our brining container in the car, or in the garage, on an enclosed porch--somewhere where raccoons and dogs can't get to it, and cold, at least 38 degrees. You can use canning or kosher salt, if you use regular table salt, reduce salt amount by about half, because those kinds of salts are coarser, so less concentrated. If you use ground spices, reduce the amounts by half also. If you grow your own herbs, this is also a great way to use them. If you use the fresh herb, use three times as much.NOTE: this is for a standard 1/5 gallon bottle of white wine, the computer keeps changing it to 1/4 gallon of wine. You can also use cider or apple juice instead of the wine, or you can use 1/2-3/4 bottle of wine instead of a whole bottle. This is a very forgiving recipe! - Similiar recipes

Greg's Great Gazpacho

When it hits 90 & 100 this is a real summer cool down. Great to serve by the pool. - Similiar recipes

Lou Lou Great Punch

"I was planning a party for a grand opening on a showroom and I asked a good friend for a punch recipe she gave me her mother's recipe and it was a hit at the party." - Similiar recipes
Great Grandma's Pork and Sauerkraut

Great Grandma's Pork and Sauerkraut

"A favorite in my family passed on for generations. It is so simple. I ususally just serve it with mashed potatoes and a salad." - Similiar recipes
Great Chicken Salad

Great Chicken Salad

"This is the greatest chicken salad I've ever had and the easiest I've ever made." - Similiar recipes
Squirrel's Great Beef Steak

Squirrel's Great Beef Steak

"My friends request this flavorful marinade every time they come over for a barbeque! This is enough to make one steak. Increase the recipe for a crowd!" - Similiar recipes
Great Chicken Marinade

Great Chicken Marinade

"I got this from a friend of mine when she made it at one of her picnics. It's so easy and delicious! I recently made it at our cook-out and everyone asked me how I made it." - Similiar recipes

Great Hot Crab Dip

"Have made this recipe to raves many times. " - Similiar recipes

Great Brisket

"This is a smoking or slow-grilling beef brisket. The apple and orange juices really bring out the flavor of the meat." - Similiar recipes

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