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Lentils Du Puy and Bacon Salad

Lentils Du Puy and Bacon Salad

French green lentils, or lentils du Puy make a great main dish salad with the smoky taste of bacon. I've been making this forever and have no idea where I got the recipe. The amounts are estimated, but more or less what I use. (Prep/cooking is estimated too, but it takes less than an hour...) This is one of my favorite summer dinners with some good garlic bread and a chilled glass of wine. When I have great tomatoes, I slice them and serve the salad on top. It makes a nice side dish and is also very portable for picnics and beach dinners. - Similiar recipes
Saumon Aux Lentilles - Salmon With Lentils And Mustard-herb Butter Recipe

Saumon Aux Lentilles - Salmon With Lentils And Mustard-herb Butter Recipe

Mustard-herb butter gives a lemony pop to the meatiness of the fish, while French green lentils add a unique texture that regular brown lentils just don't have. Enjoy. Recipe adapted from Gourmet. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Baked Lentils with Cheese

"Onions, garlic, tomatoes, green pepper and several herbs and spices give a hearty punch to Pamela Ulrich's cheesy bean dish. 'These are the only beans my family will eat anymore,' says the Charlottesville, Virginia cook." - Similiar recipes

Baked Lamb Chops and Lentils

I developed this based on a French pot roast recipe. I wanted a way to cook chump chops - my least favourite cut of lamb. It is pretty garlicky so some may want to reduce the quantity by 1/3-1/2. Serve with green beans and mashed potato... and the rest of the wine! - Similiar recipes

Egyptian Rice With Lentils

Daughter Claudia & I enjoy this simple dish along with a salad. We don't use green peppers but you can if you wish. - Similiar recipes
Greek-Seasoned Lentils - Crock-Pot

Greek-Seasoned Lentils - Crock-Pot

Great low-fat, low-calorie dish! Serve on toasted pita wedges with sprinkles of sliced green onions and chopped tomatoes and a little sour cream. - Similiar recipes

Green Beans with Lentils

Another spartan vegetable side that we make at home, but this one's always been my favourite and is the reason why I love french beans! Once when I was a kid, I sat on my kitchen platform and ate the entire 4 servings of this dish that my mom made, while she was cooking the rest of dinner! - Similiar recipes

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