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Green Olive Onion Cream Cheese

Green Olive Onion Cream Cheese

I love this spread on bagels (especially everything bagels), but it is good as a cracker spread, too.Amount of servings is a guess. - Similiar recipes
Greek Green Beans

Greek Green Beans

"A nice mix of green beans, onion, and tomatoes simmered until soft and delicious! Just like Ya Ya used to make!" - Similiar recipes

Dressed-Up Onion Dip

Sliced green and red onion power up purchased French onion dip; fennel adds a slight anise flavor. Taken from the BH&G magazine. - Similiar recipes

Green Bean Casserole Kicked Up

This isn't your typical Green Bean Casserole. This has onion, celery and cheese mixed into the green beans then topped with your french fried onion rings - Similiar recipes
Green Tomato Pasta Toss

Green Tomato Pasta Toss

"This recipe will have you singing the praises of green tomatoes. I made it up one year when the weather conspired against my bumper tomato crop and I ended up with tons of green tomatoes and no idea as to what to do with them." - Similiar recipes

The Most Delicious Green Beans

"A different twist to the usual green bean casserole. Given to me years ago by my ex-mother-in-law, this is a tasty, fresh, sweet and tangy new way to serve green beans and it's sure to become a family favorite! Prepare the night before and marinate overnight for the best results. Enjoy!" - Similiar recipes

Onion and Sausage Pizza

"I found this in my collection of family favorites. This is served on toasted French bread. You can also use mushrooms, pepperoni and chopped green or red bell peppers." - Similiar recipes

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