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Ants Creeping on the Trees (Vermicelli & Minced Pork or Beef

This is an incredibly easy, tasty and inexpensive dish. The name comes from the ground pork looking like ants mixed in with the vermicelli which looks like tree branches. - Similiar recipes

Day 1 Ground Pork Sausage

This is for a diversified rotary diet. If you choose these spices, don't choose them again for at least 4 days. This is also a good recipe for those who want to cook with sausage but want a variety lower in fat or without nitrates, nitrites and other preservatives. - Similiar recipes
Laap Ground Beef  Salad Recipe

Laap Ground Beef Salad Recipe

Like beef? You will love this Laap...Laap can be make with all kind of so healthy and is good with all knid of vegetables... Prep:30m - Similiar recipes

Tofu with Ground Pork Stir-Fry

"Asian style stir-fried tofu with ground pork and diced shiitake mushrooms. Serve over steaming rice. Delicious!" - Similiar recipes

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