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Navy Bean Soup Recipe

Navy Bean Soup Recipe

This is a classic bean soup made with smoked ham hock or with a left over ham bone - inexpensive and serves up a crowd. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Black-eyed Peas and Ham Hocks

"This recipe is in response to 'cutelittlerocker's' request for anything Southern. It is my Mom's recipe, and she was from Arkansas. A portion of the peas may be mashed once cooked, then stirred together with the whole peas and shredded ham hock for a creamier consistency." - Similiar recipes

Crock Pot Split Pea and Ham Hock Soup

This combines a few recipes and is made with Redi-Base ultra low sodium broth base (obtained online) as the ham has enough sodium; bouillon would put it over the top for us.Easy and delicious. A major hit with the honey. - Similiar recipes

Collard Greens and Turnips with Ham Hock and Pepper Vinegar

As all southerners know, eating Hoppin' John—black-eyed peas and rice—on New Year's Day ensures good luck. But it is the collards, traditionally eaten alongside, that bring good fortune! An added bonus to cooking up a mess o' greens is the resultant pot liquor—the delicious, nutritious broth left in the bottom of the cooking pot or serving dish. It is usually served as an accompaniment to that last piece of corn bread. - Similiar recipes

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