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Easy, All Natural and Healthy Energy Bars!

These tiny bites are similar to little chunks of energy found in health food stores. They are a easy and healthy snack--quick for those on the go! Feel free to adapt to your liking and add chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit, etc. - Similiar recipes
Easy, Healthy Asparagus

Easy, Healthy Asparagus

This is a quick, tasty and healthy recipe for asparagus! - Similiar recipes

Economical and Healthy Chicken

Inexpensive and healthy meal. This was in response to someone who had asked for an inexpensive but healthy meal for a tight budget. I suggest using chicken that has no antibiotics or preservatives to really keep it healthy. The cost is just a few pennies more. Even organic chicken on the bone is sometimes cheaper than the conventional chicken breasts.I usually find it each week for under 4 dollars for a pack of 4-5 drumsticks or 2 split breasts or 5 thighs with bone. I have used split breasts with the bone, legs and thighs with the bones for this. Trim off skin first if it is thick and heavy.Taste is simple; nothing fancy but it is good. Very versatile so everything is pretty much an estimate to taste. I cook for just my daughter and i so serving sizes are only for two; can easily be doubled, especially if you can find a large pack of drumsticks. Serve with healthy fresh steamed vegetables. Hope it works for you. - Similiar recipes

Electric Green Popsicles-Healthy and Delicious for the Whole Fam

If you don't have popsicle molds then just freeze the bananas first or add ice cubes and make this into a delicious and healthy smoothie! My 14 month old and my DH love this popsicle, you can not taste the spinach at all. Get creative with different combinations and add more spinach to pack in more nutrition. - Similiar recipes

Healthy Banana Smoothie

Delicious and healthy banana smoothie. - Similiar recipes

Fakeout Healthy Mac and Cheese

This healthy mac has some earthy tones since I use winter vegetables. The measurements most likely very off as I never measure, but its easy to eyeball in this recipe and mistakes are easily covered. Don't dig in expecting your traditional mac, and this might surprise you as a nutrient filled alternative to that horridly delicious waist-busting box of Kraft product. - Similiar recipes

Fastest Lunch or Dinner Ever! (Healthy Too, W/Black Beans)

Forget wasting time waiting in the McD's line. This healthy dish is more delicious, nutritious, and fast. All 4 of my kids love this because it is mild, not like most black bean dishes. To be sure, it is simple and plain, but sometimes that is the best. It can be supplemented with as many things as you can imagine--grilled chicken pieces, cheese, cilantro, tomato, black olives, green onions, etc., but we all love it just like this. - Similiar recipes
Fresh & Healthy Mango and Cucumber Salsa

Fresh & Healthy Mango and Cucumber Salsa

This mango and cucumber salsa is a recipe from Ellie Krieger. It is healthy, fresh and highly versatile. I hope you enjoy it! SERVING RECOMMENDATION: Over grilled chicken breast or fish.HINT: To seed the mango, stand it on end (vertical) and slice down all four sides. Your knife will "feel" the seed, so it is easy this way! - Similiar recipes
Fruit Salad, the Healthy Summer Dessert!

Fruit Salad, the Healthy Summer Dessert!

In South Africa "fruit salad" means something a little different from most American recipes. A definitive recipe does not exist: you use what fruits you have, and in summer and fall the choice is enormous. This is a healthy, simple way to end any meal, whether humble or grand. Serve with ice cream, sweet whipped cream or custard, or plain, as it comes. Please read extra notes in Directions. Prep time and servings are a wild guess, as it will depend entirely on the fruits you choose and how much salad it will actually be: weights cannot be specified for papayas and melons (cantaloupes)! - Similiar recipes
Healthy Omelet on the Run

Healthy Omelet on the Run

A healthy omelet for 1 that gets you out the door in about 10 minutes. - Similiar recipes

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