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Hearty Healthy Chicken Rice Soup Recipe

This is very healthy and very filling. I had to use up some vegies in my fridge, and I had some checken breasts that I'd grilled, in the freezer. That's how I made this up yesterday, just cleaning out the vegie bin and the freezer! The fresh thyme really makes this soup, so don't skip that! - Similiar recipes
Healthy Crispy Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Healthy Crispy Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Everybody will like this healthy alternative to chicken nuggets Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Easy and Healthy Egg Rolls

These egg rolls are SUPER easy, and pretty healthy! The kids love them and always want more - they don't even know they are getting vegetables! - Similiar recipes
Easy and Healthy Mock Sour Cream Substitute

Easy and Healthy Mock Sour Cream Substitute

This recipe is posted for the ZWT and is adapted from the book ?Quick and Healthy ?Recipes and Ideas?. This recipe is almost more simple than simple.. reduce those claories effortlessly. Great on baked potatoes. ZWT REGION: France. - Similiar recipes
Easy and Healthy Dark Chocolate Mousse

Easy and Healthy Dark Chocolate Mousse

From Fitness Magazine,this dessert created by Ellie Krieger is heart healthy and won't even know the tofu's in it! The cook time is chill time. - Similiar recipes

Easy Healthy Delicious Ovaltine Banana Smoothie Drink

This is so easy, so healthy and so delicious! It's part of my morning routine. Make it part of yours! - Similiar recipes

Easy Healthy Gazpacho Soup

Start either the day before or 2 hours before to make this easy, healthy gazpacho soup. It can be served in bowls with a garnish of parsley or cilantro or in tortilla cups with the same. - Similiar recipes

Easy Healthy Microwave Vanilla Pudding or Pie Filling

A healthy and delicious way to get milk into your children. Makes a quick and easy dessert. - Similiar recipes

Easy Healthy Pizza

Easy, quick, and healthy too! I also add a few olives and pepperoncini occasionally. If using additional ingredients, make sure they are well-drained. - Similiar recipes

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