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Indian Martini Recipe

We used to make this all the time at weddings when I worked for an Indian Catering company. It's a pretty great drink. Prep:5m - Similiar recipes

East Indian Chicken Curry

Your house will be filled with the aromas of Eastern spices when you make this dish! This recipe is one of my favorite ways to eat chicken. I got this recipe from one of my dorm-mates when I was in college. It is very spicy and goes well with other Indian dishes. It is not a hot curry, so people who don't care for mouth-burning dishes might like this. - Similiar recipes
Easy and Simple Kulfi- a Great Indian Dessert

Easy and Simple Kulfi- a Great Indian Dessert

Kulfis are a great favourite Indian dessert. Usually served in a matka ( small earthen pots!!). However u can substitute a cone maker or any cute dessert bowl! - Similiar recipes

Elaichi Chaa (Indian Cardamom Tea)

Enjoy a cup of tea in true Indian-style with this fragrant cardamom tea, delicious at any time of day. - Similiar recipes

Indian Beef Curry

An easy to make, tasty, tender Indian curry. - Similiar recipes

English Indian Restaurant Mint Sauce

savoury cold sweet sauce found in British Indian restaurants, used as an accompaniment. It's very moreish and I experimented for ages to arrive at something that is as good as that found in a restaurant. - Similiar recipes

Indian Spiced Zucchini, Peas and Beans in Tomato Sauce

In Indian it's called Torai Masala and this version is by Sharon Raghavachary. It is a lovely mild dish , great accompaniment but we often eat it as a stand alone or simply with plain rice. - Similiar recipes

Exceptionally Great Indian Fenugreek(Methi) Dosas

I love dosas amongst the South Indian food that I enjoy! This is a unique one and caught my eye right off the Thursday magazine! I thought that this is a nice change from the usual Masala dosa. I hope you enjoy this Lakshmi Shankar recipe! - Similiar recipes

Fiji-Indian Chicken Curry

Indian curry chicken Fiji style. There are so many different styles of curry, this is just another one from the lovely island of Fiji. Our curies are a little different. Please share what you think of it. - Similiar recipes

Panch Phoron - Indian 5-Spice

Panch Phoran is a Bengali spice mixture used to provide a base flavoring to many Indian recipes. The flavors drift from one to another with each bite, giving the spices a chance to surprisingly show the unique flavor rather than disappearing in a blur of spices ground together. The spices themselves are commonly found in Indian markets (at a much better price as well!), although some high end supermarkets may have them, provided their shelf space allows it. If you cannot find your spices there, I strongly suggest buying on the internet. - Similiar recipes

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