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Mom's Perfect Theritipaal (South Indian Milk "Fudge")

This is a rich South Indian sweet that my mom makes perfectly every time! Thertipaal is a type of "fudge" made of basically 3 ingredients: milk, milk powder, and sugar. It is often made during Indian festivals as a holy offering to the Gods. Unlike American fudges, this does not "set", and has the texture of rather gooey fudge. It is rather time-consuming, but well worth the effort! Caution: It's rather heavy on your tummy, so go easy on it... even though you won't want to stop eating this! - Similiar recipes

Indian Onion Relish

I am trying to find out what ingredients are in the onion stuff that every Indian restaurant I've ever been to gives you to have with your meal. It's obviously diced onions, and it is a bright or deep red, sometimes even an orange color. It's usually spicy hot to varying degrees, depending on the restaurant. Thanks in advance! Madhur Jaffrey's book - Similiar recipes

Chicken Rezala Indian Dish Recipe

This is a very easy Indian dish made with chicken yogurt and onion. It uses Ghee instead of oil (ghee is very close to clarified butter) Prep:60m - Similiar recipes
Mattar Paneer - Indian Peas with Paneer Cheese

Mattar Paneer - Indian Peas with Paneer Cheese

I always like this as a side dish, although it can be served as a vegetarian main dish. I generally like to make several types of things when I cook Indian and I usually will cook this or palak paneer along with the others. - Similiar recipes
Dessert - Mishti Dohi - an Indian Style Cheesecake

Dessert - Mishti Dohi - an Indian Style Cheesecake

I have known this recipe to be a traditional Indian bengali sweet dish. Mishti is sweet in Bengali and Dohi is yoghurt. Bengal has given India a range of sweet dishes that include sandesh, ras malai, rasgulla and mishti dohi. Here is a quick and tasty adaptation of the dessert that I learnt from a Bengali friend. To me it tasted a little like cheese cake, but my husband disagrees. So I would suggest all cheese cake lovers to try it out. - Similiar recipes

Dosas (Indian Rice and Lentil Pancakes)

In response to a request, I haven't tried these, but they sound intriguing. This is an Indian lentil and rice pancake. The mixture needs to soften and set for sometime, you'll need at least 1 1/2 days to complete the process. - Similiar recipes
Indian Hot Corn Bread Recipe

Indian Hot Corn Bread Recipe

This is a traditional East Indian bread. Not for the tender tummy but wonderful side for just about anything. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Roasted Sweet Potatoes And Peas With Special Indian Tomato Sauce Recipe

Better than any frozen dinners that you just feel good after you've eaten it. The Special Indian Tomato Sauce add a nice touch and I serve it over brown basmati rice. Enjoy. Prep:30m - Similiar recipes

Indian Summer Tomato Salad Recipe

This is another favorite all summer long, it gives the tomatoes a great spicy taste and goes great as a side to any meal but especially those Indian meals. Enjoy Prep:10m - Similiar recipes
Indian Dhokla Recipe

Indian Dhokla Recipe

Can you imagine that an Indian neighbor asked me for the recipe becuse her husband did not like her version!Dhokla is a southern Indian recipe, a steamed cake for appetizer side or snack. Eno's fruit salt is used as an antacid found in Indian stores but used a leavening agent esp in steamed recipes to insure light texture. Although baking soda can be use, the Eno usually leaves no bitter after taste as could baking soda.This recipe is from the Manjula Kitchen web siteMany versions of Dholka, all are steamed and drizzled with a seasoned oil. Quite tasty really!Tastes best when served warm or room temperature - Similiar recipes

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