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Anti-Seafood Jambalaya

I've always loved the flavors of jambalaya but can rarely enjoy it because I hate seafood. SO I created my own New Orleans-style jambalaya without seafood, just sausage and chicken. - Similiar recipes

Jambalaya Recipe

This recipe was given to me by my friend Sherry when I lived in New Orleans.This is the recipe as she gave it to me. The most important thing she taught me about New Orleans / Cajun / Creole recipes is that almost EVERY ingredient is optional -- you use what you have on hand! I've made jambalaya with steamed cauliflower instead of rice, and I've used crab instead of shrimp, I've added spinach, etc etc etc... - Similiar recipes

Spicy Chicken Jambalaya Recipe

Oh baby is this some darn good Jambalaya. Get ready to have your socks knocked off with this original Jambalaya recipe that features chicken and sausage. Servings:6 - Similiar recipes

Meatastic Jambalaya Recipe

This is my adaptation of my stepmother's Louisiana family's jambalaya recipe. The meats are all interchangeable. It is meant to be a kitchen sink, cleaning out the freezer sort of dish, so use whatever you have or buy whatever you like. Unlike many of the jambalay recipes here, this one does not include tomoato. In my opinion this makes it more a true cajun jambalaya. The tomato-based recipes are more properly creole jambalaya - and there is a difference. - Similiar recipes

Chicken Kielbasa And Shrimp Jambalaya Recipe

Spicy jambalaya that simmers with tomatoes, peppers and just the right amount of seasoning Prep:30m - Similiar recipes

Low Carb Jambalaya Recipe

This is so yummy I love jambalaya with rice however this helps me get more veggies. My husband loves this with corn bread. You adjust the heat in this dish! 12g carb and 4g fiber Prep:20m - Similiar recipes

Jambalaya For A Crowd Recipe

Jambalaya at it's best. From the Dallas Newspaper. Prep:20m - Similiar recipes
Creole-Style Vegetarian Jambalaya

Creole-Style Vegetarian Jambalaya

This is a pretty good recipe and using eggplant in this dish is a good idea. This dish has lots of room for you to improvise and create your own jambalaya. This recipe is Creole-style, with a tomato base, but you may omit the tomato paste and tomatoes if you want country-style jambalaya. Serve with a salad and ice cold beer. - Similiar recipes
Vegetarian Jambalaya

Vegetarian Jambalaya

True jambalaya uses sausages, shrimp and chicken. This rich vegetarian recipe version uses beans to provide meaty texture and flavor - with no meat. - Similiar recipes

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