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Chicken Tasso And Black-eyed Pea Jambalaya Recipe

I never knew there was more than one kind of jambalaya, and this was absolutely wow. I halved the cayenne and white pepper because the first time we tasted it, it was so hot we couldn't eat it. Tasted fantastic, though! I got it from the Clarion Ledger newspaper, probably 20 years ago. I wish now I hadn't waited so long! - Similiar recipes

Baked Jambalaya Recipe

This is a wonderful little Jambalaya recipe that is a bit different because it is baked. It has wonderful flavor and is sure to be a favorite among friends. Enjoy. Servings:16 - Similiar recipes
Eggplant Jambalaya Recipe

Eggplant Jambalaya Recipe

This is a nontraditional Jambalaya recipe based on a New Orleans classic which is usually made with chicken and sausage. Note: Although Jambalaya has a Spanish influence, is also has strong roots in Africa made with a saute' of spicy meat and vegetable known as a jambe', and ya which means rice. I got this recipe from a cookbook that was given to me as a gift called NEW ORLEANS, Authentic Recipes Celebrating The Foods Of The World, it has a nice selection of recipes. Enjoy this recipe. - Similiar recipes

Easy Crock Pot Jambalaya

This is my own modified version of the jambalaya recipe at The ingredient list is long, but it's simple. - Similiar recipes

Easy Jambalaya

I went to the Rainforest Cafe in Chicago a few years ago, and happened to order the Jambalaya. I had never had Jambalaya, and from the menu it looked a good choice, but I can honestly say, It was the best meal I have ever eaten. I have tried to make this dish many times, and have now (I think) simplified and perfected it. As an Englishman, no-one over here has even heard of Jambalaya, but I have made this dish for lots of friends, who all absolutely love it, and I swear it is the closest I have come to that fabled recipe. It is a cheat in that I use some store-bought items, but if you know how to substitute with fresh produce then let me know. I hope you all enjoy this meal as much as I do! - Similiar recipes

Enlightened Jambalaya

I took a Jambalaya recipe and updated it to be more waistline-friendly. I traded red bell pepper for the traditional green because I like it better. Original recipe was - Similiar recipes
Four Meat Jambalaya

Four Meat Jambalaya

We just love jambalaya....This recipe is one that I threw together after finding one here at the zaar and adding my own touches to it.... I hope you enjoy as much as we did.... - Similiar recipes

Frankfurter (Hound Dog) Jambalaya

I had some leftover pork roast and frankfurters and followed an authentic jambalaya recipe. My partner Andy who is not fussy about rice LOVED it and even had seconds! - Similiar recipes
New Orleans Mulate's Catfish Jambalaya

New Orleans Mulate's Catfish Jambalaya

Mulate's restaurant in New, Orleans takes a novel approach with jambalaya, utilizing catfish as the main ingredient. The recipe is quite easy. Try this out for your next Mardi Gras party, and you will surely get praise for being unique and creative. This recipe came from Sam's Club, October, 2008, courtesy of Mulate's Restaurant. You can also use the blackened salmon filets from Sam's Club in place of the catfish. Edited 6-5-09: The original recipe does call for 1/2 pound (2 sticks) of butter, but that is WAY too much IMO. I have cut the amount in half to 1/2 cup (1 stick). - Similiar recipes

Ginny's Jambalaya

Three years ago, I went on a hunt for a jambalaya recipe. So many to choose from. Here's another one to choose from now. : ) This doubles easily and freezes well. I made this again last night to see if it was as good as I remembered. Verdict: Most Definitely! - Similiar recipes

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