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Crispy Ketchup-Mustard Chicken

"You would NEVER expect that chicken, ketchup, mustard and crispy chocolate cereal go together, but they really do - try this recipe - you will be amazed!" - Similiar recipes

Ancho Chile and Citrus Ketchup

I know it's un-American and I'm probably politically suspect for saying this but I don't really care all that much for Ketchup. What do I dip my fries in? Usually Tex-Mex Mayo, NurseDi's recipe # 29499. I came across this at It seemed good so I gave it a try. At last a ketchup that I liked. It's from Bobby Flay but I've increased the spices. I can't help myself. The cooking time is melding time. The USDA has a formula for ketchup. If a company doesn't follow the "official" formula they can't call it ketchup. Buy the house brand. - Similiar recipes

Cumin Tomato Ketchup

Ordinary ketchup can be so boring. This variation is good on grilled turkey burgers or chicken burgers. - Similiar recipes

Dunkadelic Spicy Ketchup Sauce

The Dunkadelic Spicy Ketchup Sauce is a mild spicy "dunking sauce" for fried buffalo wings, burgers, chicken tenders, and french fries. The Dunkadelic Spicy Ketchup Sauce is a sizzling slam-dunk! - Similiar recipes

Ketchup Unketchup-ed 17-1800 Recipe

Ketchup has had a long and strange journey to it's current home at the Heinz factory, being colored day glo green and forced into squeeze bottles. It started out as fish sauce in Asia. British merchant sailors acquired a taste for the tomato-less sauce on their fish and chips and brought it to England, where it's quite aromatic smell drew cats - thus fish sauce became "cat - sup". At some point tomatoes were added, it got a whole lot thicker, and eventually it was sold in little plastic packets in McDonald's restaurants everywhere - Similiar recipes

Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers With Ketchup

My MIL makes great stuffed peppers and mine always seemed bland. She told me her trick was to use all ketchup instead of tomato sauce. So I just modified my recipe to use ketchup and they are great. Sounds like a lot of ketchup but these are so good. I always get asked for the recipe and then scare them with the amount of ketchup in it. These are one of my husband's favorite meals. - Similiar recipes

Fiesta Ketchup

Once again, another "Designer Ketchup". This one is spicy, and is so good on hot dogs and french fries. I could almost eat it alone. - Similiar recipes

Grandma's Ketchup Chicken

My Grandmother used to make this and I liked it a lot. Not gourmet but it brings back memories. I have to guess some of the amounts since she never really wrote it down. She served this with spaghetti. The spaghetti was previously cooked and put into a frying pan with cut up onions and ketchup too! This got cripsy in the pan and tasted even better the next day. - Similiar recipes

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