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Linguine with Asparagus, Bacon, and Arugula

Linguine with Asparagus, Bacon, and Arugula

"A must try, this recipe combines sauteed asparagus, bacon, and arugula with linguine; a special bright flavor comes from fresh lemon juice. It's simple and tasty!" - Similiar recipes

Avocado-tequila Linguine

I could eat this everyday, I think! Lots of herbs and veggies, feta cheese, creamy avocado and a splash of tequila sauces up linguine (or fettucine). Bring on summer! - Similiar recipes
Shimp  Linguine With Mushroom And Garlic Recipe

Shimp Linguine With Mushroom And Garlic Recipe

I just love this dish when is come to friend Anna, from Italy gave me this recipe ...I just love her food and wanted to share it with you.. Prep:20m - Similiar recipes
Linguine Tuna Salad

Linguine Tuna Salad

I adopted this this interesting pasta salad recipe from the Recipezaar account and only slightly changed it. Cooking time is time to cook the linguine. Preparation time does not include refrigeration time. Enjoy this colorful salad! - Similiar recipes

Linguine With Prawn Sauce Recipe

I cooked a tomato-based sauce, and then stir-fried some prawns with garlic, tossed all that on top of some linguine, and scooped some sour cream on top. Pretty plate, and thumbs up. Prep:20m - Similiar recipes

Chicken Almond Linguine

I found this recipe on the back of a foodtown brand linguine box and thought it looked really different but sounded really tasty- and it was. Made this and we loved it so I hope you also enjoy! - Similiar recipes

Creamy Chicken Pesto Linguine

This is an awesome dish - boneless chicken strips cooked in a creamy pesto parmesan sauce and served over linguine. - Similiar recipes

Linguine With Lobster Sauce Recipe For 12 Recipe

Delicate lobster swimming in a zesty tomato sauce with a touch of cream and sherry over a bed of al dente linguine, magnificent! Prep:20m - Similiar recipes

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