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Asian Twist Chicken Salad (Low Carb)

Low carb and delicious lunch. Great rolled up with cheese in a leaf of romaine. - Similiar recipes
Avocado Cheese Tarts (Low Carb)

Avocado Cheese Tarts (Low Carb)

Perfect for people watching their carbohydrates. If you've ever tried to come up with appetizers that are low carb, you know it's not easy. This is not really a "tart" in the traditional sense, but they are tasty and have great texture. Enjoy! - Similiar recipes
Crustless Low Carb Pumpkin Pie

Crustless Low Carb Pumpkin Pie

Great treat for low-carbers. - Similiar recipes
Low-Carb Guacamole

Low-Carb Guacamole

This recipe looks yummy. Very easy too. I found this in the 500 Low-Carb Recipes cookbook. - Similiar recipes

Baked Egg Custard (low carb)

low carb dessert can be served with sliced fruit on the side. - Similiar recipes

Basic Low Carb Vegetable Cream Soup

Karen's Gourmet Low-Carb Recipes By Karen Barnaby "I started making this soup during a non-dairy phase and found that the Dijon added a special zing to the flavour. Add more if you like it!Other vegetables can replace the cauliflower: asparagus, spinach, red bell peppers, tomatoes or more cauliflower. I once made it with red Swiss chard stalks and it was delicious! If you use a fibrous vegetable like asparagus, strain the soup through a sieve after pureeing.There are many options for garnishing - bacon bits, chunks of chicken, ham, sour cream, crispy prosciutto or pancetta, smoked salmon or a sprinkling of cheese. Blue cheese is great with plain cauliflower and smoked salmon is elegant on asparagus." - Similiar recipes

Beachgirl's Basic Low Carb Cheesecake

This is a wonderful basic low carbohydrate cheesecake that was posted on the lowcarbfriends website by "Beachgirl" (a different Beachgirl than the one who posts here on recipezaar?). The basic recipe can be varied many ways by adding different flavored extracts or berries (note the blueberry option). - Similiar recipes

Blackened Chicken Breasts With Marinated Cucumber (Low-Carb)

I've found this recipe in a local food magazine, "Food & Home". I liked the look of it, but tweaked the flavours just a little. Ideal for dieters and low-carbers, and it looks so pretty on a plate! I doubt that the tiny amount of sugar, most of which is discarded again, will spoil a diet! - Similiar recipes

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