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Low-Fat Fettuccine

I love fettuccine, but can't handle the fat. Try this low fat version. My whole family loves it! - Similiar recipes
Low Fat Chicken Enchiladas With High Fat Taste.

Low Fat Chicken Enchiladas With High Fat Taste.

I came up with this tonight to see if I can enjoy enchilada's while trying to cut fats. It turned out to be delicious and did not taste low fat at all - Similiar recipes

Banana Split Dessert (4 Points * Low Fat & Low Sugar)

Here's a lower-fat and sugar version of the popular Banana Split Dessert. One serving has approx 194 calories and 6 grams of fat. That's about 4 weight watcher's points. - Similiar recipes

Bell Peppers Stuffed With Spanish Rice, Low Fat/Low Carb

The caloric value of this changed from 381 a serving to 171 a serving; 22 grams of fat to 3 grams of fat. This tastes like a million dollars also. - Similiar recipes

Bill's Fair Trade Low-Fat Ganache

This recipe is low fat, but not low calories. Heavy whipping cream will have about the same number of calories, but roughly 1/3 more fat calories. This is a good alternative for those who don't want to support the chocolate slave trade from Ivory Coast.I use this in mochas and like one generous "wad" on a soup spoon for a mocha, pouring the espresso on first, stirring and dissolving ganache, then topping with the steamed milk. I use Cafe Britt Espresso from Costa Rica (also fair trade) for the best mochas in the world... At least I think so! - Similiar recipes

Blue Cheese Dressing- Low Fat

Lately, I have been counting my calories and eating a lot of salads. I was getting sick of non-creamy low-cal dressings and I was really missing blue cheese, so I created this. It?s not too shabby for low fat. - Similiar recipes
Low Fat Bean Dip

Low Fat Bean Dip

An easy, quick and tasty dip that is sure to please everyone. (It's low fat, meatless, low carb and sugar free!) - Similiar recipes
Low-Fat/Lite Alfredo Sauce

Low-Fat/Lite Alfredo Sauce

I originally saw this recipe on another website, but I added a few ingredients. This is the best low fat, low cal. Alfredo sauce I have ever tried. - Similiar recipes

Low Fat Tuna casserole

This is a very good low fat recipe. I use the low fat cream soups. Its very healthy and filling as well. - Similiar recipes

Low-Fat Turkey BLT Wrap

Low fat, low calorie and fast lunch on the go. - Similiar recipes

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