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Broiled Maple/Orange Chicken

Another diabetic recipe that mom got in the mail from Maple Grove Farms of Vermont. Use any Sugar-Free Maple syrup or Sugar-Free Orange Marmalade brands in your area. - Similiar recipes
Rosemary Chicken with Orange-Maple Glaze

Rosemary Chicken with Orange-Maple Glaze

"Chicken breasts adorned with a fresh rosemary rub, then sauteed and braised in a sauce of orange juice, white wine and maple syrup. This wonderfully rich glaze makes an elegant, quick dinner to serve to guests. To serve, place chicken on top of hot cooked rice on each plate and spoon sauce over the top. Wonderful served with steamed asparagus." - Similiar recipes
Maple-Vanilla Syrup

Maple-Vanilla Syrup

"This is a delicious blend of vanilla and maple to top your favorite pancakes, waffles or French toast!" - Similiar recipes

Buttered Maple-Bourbon Syrup

Kick up your Maple syrup by just adding a little bourbon and butter. Serve warm over pancakes or crepes. It's sure to please! - Similiar recipes

Golly Gee Gluten-Free Pancakes

"A trip to the health food store will be necessary for these flapjacks, but it is worth it. While there, pick up some real maple syrup to serve with them!" - Similiar recipes

Sugar - Free Maple - Ish Syrup Recipe

Makes 6 1/4 cup servings that clock in under 10 calories. Good if you're on a diet or if you need maple syrup for a recipe but are out. Adapted from "Cooking Healthy, Fast & Superfast" by Rachel Rudel. Prep:5m - Similiar recipes

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