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Gluten Free Chocolate Marshmallow Truffles

Gluten Free Chocolate Marshmallow Truffles

These Gluten free treats are really easy to make, the clean up is quick and they are really really yummy. They taste just like the chocolate covered marshmallows eggs that you can buy at Easter. I just recently got this recipe and they are now one of my new favorites. - Similiar recipes

Angelus Marshmallow Float

not sure about this..but found a vintage recipe pamphlet from the Angelus marshmallow company which was published by the Cracker Jack company...not sure of the is really old...this recipe sounds different - Similiar recipes

Aunt Hazel's Chocolate Marshmallow Dessert

This recipe is one of my favorite desserts but ancient-I got it via my mother from an aunt-I think it is probably well over 50 years old. Whenever they invented the marshmallow... When did they invent the marshmallow? - Similiar recipes

Crescent Marshmallow Puffs Recipe

These are very different little puffs full of marshmallow! Make sure you seal the crescents completely or the marshmallow filling will leak. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Marshmallow Dip With Variation Recipe

OHHHHHHHHHH my favorite. I know this must be posted a zillion times. But, I want to keep this with my files. I added a salad I make from this. Who ever came up with this concoction of a dip is my hero! I love marshmallow and cream cheese! Oh baby baby! - Similiar recipes
Chocolate Marshmallow Gifts

Chocolate Marshmallow Gifts

A lovely way to present marshmallow! These little choc coated marshmallow not only look good but taste great! I used strawberry marshmallow and coated in dark chocolate but the possibilities are endless! you could use any marshmallow or chocolate for coating. They look great on a chocolate platter or are perfect to give as a gift for someone special. I hope you like them. I use my own handmade marshmallow to make these squares but you could use store bought if you wish. - Similiar recipes

Colorful Marshmallow Square

These marshmallow squares are sooooo yummy!! They are great to put out for family get togethers, or even for the holidays. If your kids like marshmallows they will definitely love these. Hope you enjoy!!! - Similiar recipes
Marshmallow Creme Banana Bars Recipe

Marshmallow Creme Banana Bars Recipe

These can be messy little bars to eat with the sticky marshmallow crème beneath the frosting, but I’m willing to deal with that…just not a great idea for a little child’s birthday party probably! The recipe originally was posted in a newsletter called “Kitchen Klatter”, published by an Iowa family…anyone from Iowa or the Midwest out there remember them? Great cooks, and I’ve gotten many a good recipe from their cookbook and newsletters. My mother has faithfully hung on to them, and one day I will look through them again – each newsletter always had something good to try! I’ve added a couple things to the original recipe, like the brown sugar and sour cream – I’ve found they add a good flavor and moistness to the bars. - Similiar recipes

Alternative Marshmallow Fondant Recipe

A great tasting, easy to work with marshmallow fondant Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Flavored Marshmallow Swizzle Sticks

What fun! The kids can help with this. Pep up your hot chocolate, coffee, apple cider, etc. with marshmallow swizzle sticks! You can change the colors to suit the occasion! Adapted from BH&G magazine(December 2008). - Similiar recipes

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