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Deviled Eggs with Pickapeppa Mayonnaise

I just happen to love Pickapeppa sauce, and putting some of it in mayonnaise is easy, as would be adding Indian lime pickle, or mango chutney, plus hot sauce for a bit of heat, or even beet horseradish.\r\nFor a more surprising visual effect and a more complex dish, instead of\r\nhalving the eggs, cut off the tops and bottoms, scoop out the yolks without\r\ndamaging the whites, make the deviled yolk mix, then put it in a pastry bag\r\nand fill the eggs by piping the egg mixture back into the hollowed-out\r\nwhites. Serve them standing up with the mayonnaise spooned over. A whole\r\nplatter of these eggs for a buffet will pleasantly surprise everyone. - Similiar recipes

Quick Walnut Mayonnaise

A wonderful mayonnaise to use for salads, fish, rice, potatoes, etc. Adapted from the Silver Palate cookbook. - Similiar recipes
Tomatoes in Mayonnaise

Tomatoes in Mayonnaise

This country classic presentation for vine-ripened tomatoes is stupidly simple to make. But many of the best recipes are. The creamy richness of a good mayonnaise is the perfectly complement to the edible sunshine that is a perfect, summer tomato. - Similiar recipes

Sun-Dried Tomato Mayonnaise

This mayonnaise is great on top of grilled burgers. I found this recipe in some junk mail that was sent to me! - Similiar recipes

Asparagus with Blood Orange Mayonnaise

Vegetables with citrus mayonnaise. - Similiar recipes

Avocado Mayonnaise-Southern Style

I'm convinced that half of all Southern Recipes contain Mayonnaise-this one's good! - Similiar recipes

Roasted Chicken Sandwiches with Jack Cheese and Chili Mayonnaise

Guests take part in the fun by assembling their own sandwiches with colorful roasted peppers, mixed greens, tomatoes, chipotle mayonnaise and jalapeño Monterey Jack cheese. Serve chilled sodas and iced tea. - Similiar recipes
Yuca Fries with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Yuca Fries with Chipotle Mayonnaise

If you're making these fries to go with the broiled steak with horseradish cream, as shown below, skip the chipotle mayonnaise and squeeze lemon or lime juice over the fries. - Similiar recipes

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