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Pork Chop Skillet Meal

Pork Chop Skillet Meal

"From Sheldon, Iowa, Linda Anderson jots, 'My delicious meal-in-one is so colorful, with corn and tomatoes topping off the pork chops. The rice cooks right along with everything else.'" - Similiar recipes
Meatball Skillet Meal

Meatball Skillet Meal

"'With colorful vegetables and nicely seasoned meatballs, this tasty meal-in-one offers a lot of flavor for a little cash,' reports Donna Smith of Victor, New York. It's nicely priced at just 77 cents a helping." - Similiar recipes
Meal in a Muffin Pan

Meal in a Muffin Pan

"This meal-in-a-pan breakfast is ideal for busy weekday mornings. I just add fresh fruit and beverages." - Similiar recipes

Thirty Minute Meal

"This meal is fast and inexpensive, yet it's very filling. It combines ground beef with cabbage in a tomato base. I like to serve it with corn and bread." - Similiar recipes

Meal in a Skillet

Ground beef, tomatoes, corn and pasta makes this a very hearty meal. - Similiar recipes

Anita's Salad Meal

This is from my good friend Anita - it has a great mixture of yummies and makes an all in one meal. - Similiar recipes

Antipasto Squares - Starter or the Meal

This is a great appetizer or can also be made for a meal with a nice green salad along side. If you would like to make more for a gathering, just use a 13x9 pan and double the ingredients. - Similiar recipes

Auntie Zilla's Almond Meal Pancakes

These are my best friend's pancakes that are low carb and use nut meal instead of flour. - Similiar recipes

Baleadas- Cheap, Easy Honduran Meal

I fell in love with this simple meal while living in Honduras. It takes less than 5 minutes to put together! The queso duro is a very hard, salty Honduran cheese that is great with refried beans and available in your local Hispanic foods market! - Similiar recipes

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