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Beef, Rice, Peas and Carrots One Dish Meal

Beef, Rice, Peas and Carrots One Dish Meal

Quick, simple supper. My 3 year old ate 6 servings, so I guess its kid friendly too. - Similiar recipes

Breakfast "square-Meal" Squares

From the American Institute for Cancer Research. I have not tried this yet. - Similiar recipes

Last Meal Recipe

On the night of the Last Supper we all know that Jesus and the Apostles had bread and wine for supper.The table was U shaped not a straight.Meat,of course,was also served as was the tradition of that time and it was prepared in the usual manner of the time. Whether the meat was mutton or beef no one knows.Chances are it was mutton as beef was not as widely eaten at that time.Here is the meat recipe used in Jerusalem at this time and it it a great recipe. - Similiar recipes

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