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Easy to Slice Meatloaf

Easy to Slice Meatloaf

This is a basic no frill meatloaf for those of us who don't like a lot of "stuff" or ketchup in our meatloaf. My husband and I really like this. - Similiar recipes
Charmie's Meatloaf With Pineapple Topping

Charmie's Meatloaf With Pineapple Topping

Ok, this might sound weird, but trust me, it's delicious!! Everyone raves over this meatloaf, and it really is the topping that makes it! - Similiar recipes
Maple Sage Meatloaf

Maple Sage Meatloaf

This recipe was originally adapted from the good ol' Better Homes and Gardens plaid cookbook. I changed it around a little because I don't really like using fillers like cracker crumbs or breadcrumbs. I tend to think of the crumbs as being evil, little, thirsty sponges absorbing all of the fats and grease that would, otherwise, drain out. I confess that I have used TVP (texturized vegetable protein) as an extender when I just didn't have enough ground meat. Grated carrots, mushrooms, zucchini and/or other vegetables can be added in the uncooked mix to lighten up the density. By the way, the leftovers make an unbeatable sandwich! My husband likes to doctor his meatloaf sandwiches up with mayonnaise, ketchup and hot sauce. - Similiar recipes

Family Favorite Crock Pot Meatloaf

Found this recipe many years ago in my very first Crockery Cookery Cookbook. If you like meatloaf either hot or for cold sandwiches this has a real nice flavor especially with sweet sauce on the top! - Similiar recipes

Mom's Meatloaf....... Really!!!

This REALLY is my Mom's meatloaf recipe!!! I remember helping make this as a child, and hearing Mom say, "keep squeezing"!! When it was "squeezed" enough, we plopped it into an old glass casserole dish, and put it in the oven. This recipe is good for folks who can't have, or don't like, the chunks of peppers and onions that you find in most meatloaf. We even served it, listed on the menu as "Mom's Meatloaf", at my brother's restaurant. Our customers loved it! Simple AND tasty! - Similiar recipes
Cajun Turkey Meatloaf

Cajun Turkey Meatloaf

Next time you are making turkey meatloaf try kicking it up a notch! While this won't be featured on a Brennan's menu anytime soon it is delicious. The original recipe was from Bon Appetit but I've modified it over time. If you are leary of using only turkey, consider a mix of 1 part beef to 2 parts turkey. - Similiar recipes

31st Year Meatloaf

31 years of marriage and my meatloaf is perfected! This is a pairing of many recipes, but the most important ingredient is the Knox unflavored gelatin. An article in Cook's Illustrated said if you use only beef in meatloaf, you lose the moisture retainer the veal provides, and the gelatine replaces this process if using all beef. They were right! - Similiar recipes

A Makeover Turkey Meatloaf

This recipe comes from the Michael Thurman Six Week Body Makeover Diet Program. I wanted to make sure I have this recipe somewhere where I can find it in case I lose my recipe card. It's really a delicious recipe with a ingredient I never thought of using to hold the meatloaf together along with the regular egg whites. I use - Similiar recipes

Always Perfect Meatloaf

This meatloaf tastes great and has come out perfectly every time I've made it. - Similiar recipes

Amazing Meatloaf - My Way

I get raves on this from anyone and everyone that eats it - meatloaf lovers and non-lovers. I know it looks like a lot of ingredients, but almost all are things I regularly have on hand. You gotta put some flavor into it- otherwise, just bake a chunk of meat and it will taste like 80% of the other meatloaf recipe's on this site. Please enjoy and if you have any recommendations please share. - Similiar recipes

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