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Creamy Garlic Peppered Mushroom Sauce or Side

A tasty mushroom sauce that can be used either as a sauce to add to steak or served as a side dish. Versatile and very yummy. - Similiar recipes

Terry's Mushroom Gravy

A must for mushroom lovers. - Similiar recipes

Creamy Mushroom Sauce

You will never order steak and mushroom sauce from a restaurant again. - Similiar recipes

Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

A creamy chicken and mushroom pasta dish. - Similiar recipes

Mushroom Sauce

This is a great mushroom sauce which is perfect with your favourite steak, or even veal. - Similiar recipes

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom

A creamy chicken and mushroom sauce that can be served with rice. - Similiar recipes

Food and Wine Sausage and Mushroom Soup

From Food and of angel-hair pasta form a web in the broth, capturing the slices of sausage and mushroom. Red-pepper flakes give the soup its spiciness; to turn up the heat another notch, use hot Italian sausage instead of mild.I've been meaning to try this. Thought I would post it here to remind myself. - Similiar recipes

Spaghetti Mushroom Alfredo

It's a easy and tasty mushroom alfredo sauce--plus it's light and healthy. I made this last Saturday for lunch. DH loves it so much! Make some butter garlic toast as side dish - Similiar recipes
Setas - Wild Mushroom and Garlic Tapas

Setas - Wild Mushroom and Garlic Tapas

"This seasonal mushroom dish, made here using wild setas, can actually be adapted to make a great tapa all year round." From Posted for ZWT 5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you want to try adding even more flavour to this dish, you can fry some bacon or ham (serrano or parma) in the oil with the garlic (remember that the garlic will need less time than either of these ingredients.)If you can?t find wild mushrooms that you thing will be suitable, standard or button mushrooms will do just fine - Similiar recipes
Garlic Mushroom Wine Sauced Chicken and Spinach S

Garlic Mushroom Wine Sauced Chicken and Spinach S

Wow! Healthy, light AND yummy? How often does that happen! Nicely seasoned chicken over a bed of wilted spinach in garlicky mushroom wine sauce. MMMM! The tomatoes break down quite a bit and flavor the sauce with just the right amount of goodness. Makes a terrific lunch or light meal that can be made even more substantial, if desired, by serving over pasta but filling and yummy as is. We love this with garlic bread or other warm crusty bread which defeats the 'light' purpose but mmmmm bread! Note: Pine nuts can be toasted to release oils and flavor. Toss in dry, hot skillet and and toast for about 1 minute, shaking occasionally or heat in a microwave at 30 second intervals, stir, repeat just until nuts are warm and fragrant. Be careful to stop at that point so they don't overcook, get too hot and burn. - Similiar recipes

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