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Canned Dried Beans (Kidney, Pinto, Navy, Etc.)

While it's not difficult to use dried beans from their natural state, I find that I don't tend to remember that I need to soak/pre-cook the beans until it's too late to use them for dinner. The convenience of being able to reach in the pantry and open up a jar of beans that I've home-canned (without added preservatives) is worth the extra time and work. If desired, you can also make these beans salt-free; you can also add onions or jalapenos to the jar if desired, amounts will vary according to taste. Yield is only for one jar; your actual yield will depend on how many jars you can. Time is approximate and does not include soaking time for beans. This recipe comes from the Ball Blue Book. - Similiar recipes
Drunken Peruano Beans With Cilantro and Bacon

Drunken Peruano Beans With Cilantro and Bacon

This recipe is adapted from Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen. I purchased some peruano beans (also called mayocoba beans) and wasn't sure what to do with them and found this recipe online. Peruano beans can be used any time navy beans are used and are from Mexico. This is a nice and spicy pot of beans that you can throw inside of a burrito or just eat plain. I added extra jalapenos and used red onion instead of yellow (I did not change the recipe--only how I made it). I also used rum in place of tequila because it's what I had. Very tasty! Thank you Rick Bayless! - Similiar recipes

Easy Canned Navy Beans

I got this from my mom who cans navy beans every year either for bean soup or baked beans. She has had this way confirmed by her local MSU extension as an acceptable way to can navy beans. Please note the ingredients are per jar. - Similiar recipes

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