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Eggplant & Squash ' Pizza', Gluten Free, Also ' South Beach

This is simple recipe inspired by the South Beach Diet Super Charged Cookbook. I wanted to use up some left over ingredients from a day of cooking and I also had received an abundance of Squash in my farm box that week. This is an easy recipe to create and it is easily modified to suit your kitchen and your taste buds. This recipe is vegetarian if you don't use a bolognese but as I am an omnivore I sometimes add cooked sausage after I add the mushrooms and olives. The recipe can be modified depending on how many you want to serve or how much squash you need to use. It makes great use of left over ingredients and an over abundance of summer squash.It makes great left-overs and freezes well. - Similiar recipes

Herb Jam with Olives and Lemon

Editor's note: The recipe and introductory text below are excerpted from Paula Wolfert's book The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen. Wolfert also shared some helpful cooking tips exclusively with Epicurious, which we've added at the bottom of the page. \r\n\r\nIn Morocco, this thick puree of greens with herbs and olives is made with a local mallow leaf called baqqula. My equivalent is a combination of greens: spinach or chard, celery, cilantro, and parsley, cooked down to a luscious, thick, dark jam perfumed with spices and heady with smoky tones.\r\n\r\nIn Morocco, our housekeeper, Fatima, prepared this jam in a shallow clay tagine set over charcoal embers. As a result, the greens developed a smoky flavor. I use readily available Spanish pimentón de la Vera to infuse a similar smoky quality. The greens are first steamed over boiling water to preserve flavor and color, then they're slowly fried in a skillet until all the moisture has evaporated. \r\n\r\nGreens cooked this way become quite delicious. The addition of some chopped oily black olives improves the texture. The jam will keep for up to 4 days. When you wish to serve it, simply thin to a spreadable consistency with water and olive oil and use as a spread or dip. It goes especially well with an earthy flavored semolina flatbread\n baked on stone or cast iron. - Similiar recipes

Chicken with Lemons and Olives Emshmel

(Djej Emshmel) \r\n\r\nEditor's note: The recipe and introductory text below are excerpted from Paula Wolfert's book Couscous and Other Good Food From Morocco. Wolfert also shared some helpful cooking tips exclusively with Epicurious, which we've added at the bottom of the page. \r\n\r\nI first ate this dish in a home in the city of Meknes, sometimes called the City of Olives. Djej Emshmel (pronounced meshmel or emsharmel) is a classic Moroccan dish—chicken served in an intricately spiced, creamy, lemony, and sublime sauce with a scattering of pale-hued olives. - Similiar recipes

Lamb with Black Olives (Agnello con Olive Nere)

The olives used in this traditional recipe are fresh, black, uncured, ripe olives, but wrinkled, salt- cured black olives will do just as well. If you do have ripe black olives from an olive tree in your backyard, drop a handful in rapidly boiling water for about 20 minutes, then drain and use in the reicpe. This is often served with soft polenta. - Similiar recipes
Basil Olives

Basil Olives

If you do not have fresh basil available, pesto will work in a pinch. Add a heaping tablespoon to the olives and taste. Add more as needed. I like to use a mixture of half black and half green olives. - Similiar recipes

Chicken With Olives and White Wine Sauce

This chicken is spectacular. I adore it. It's very very easy to make...a one-pot wonder! Ideally, you wanna use the largest pot you have (in terms of width, no depth). If you want everyone to get a large scoop of olives and sauce with their chicken (and who wouldn't?? Then just add more olives and capers than the recipe calls for. You can't go wrong...don't worry! Please...please review the recipe if you try it. Thank you! - Similiar recipes

Garlic Fettuccine With Roasted Vegetables, Olives and Marinated

This is a result of combining roasted vegetables with a basic garlic pasta recipe and then adding black olives and marinated feta. It's really great! You can change the roasted vege selection to whatever is in season at the time and add more or less of anything that you like, you can't go wrong - just think of it as 2 meals combines into one with feta and olives to boot! If you don't have fettuccine, or prefer another style of pasta, use that. - Similiar recipes
Garlic Marinated Olives

Garlic Marinated Olives

I love garlic olives, especially the ones they serve at my local bar. I could sit there all night just eating olives! - Similiar recipes
Garlic-Marinated Black Olives (Spain)

Garlic-Marinated Black Olives (Spain)

POSTED FOR ZAAR WORLD TOUR 5. Attesting to the simplicity of tapas, a handful of marinated olives is often ample accompaniment to a glass of chilled drink in most Spanish tapas bars. Marinated to piquant perfection, these olives are far from ordinary. To fully develop the flavor of garlic in the recipe, it is best to allow the olives to marinate for at least several days before serving. From - Similiar recipes

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