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Baked Cubed Steak Smothered In Brown Gravy And Onions Recipe

this is a deicious tender cubed steak smothered in old fashioned brown gravy and onions then baked all the way through till brown and tender Prep:5190m - Similiar recipes

Sliced Calf's Liver with Golden Onions

Fegato alla Veneziana\r\nThe keys to success with this classic Venetian dish are to slice the liver and onions very thin and to work \r\nrapidly to avoid overcooking. A nice accompaniment is soft polenta. - Similiar recipes

Bacon-Wrapped Baked Onions

This may take a little time to make but well worth the little extra effort, very impressive to serve to your dinner guests, this is one of the best recipes for baked onions you will ever have! The onions may be boiled and the insides removed ahead of time and refrigerated to finish filling and baked later. The original recipe called for only for 4 onions, but I increased and "tweaked" the recipe slightly. - Similiar recipes

Baked Calf Liver and Onions With Gravy

I learned a long time ago most anything which is fried can be baked. So I tried it with liver and onions. The house didn't stink for three days and the meat was much more tender. - Similiar recipes

Italian Sausage Peppers Onions Amp Tomatoes Recipe

A different twist on Italian sausage, peppers, and onions. Yum-O! Prep:10m - Similiar recipes
Baked Stuffed Sweet Onions

Baked Stuffed Sweet Onions

Sweet onions stuffed with ham, cremini mushrooms and Gruyere cheese. A summer must at our house when the new crop of sweet onions come on. - Similiar recipes

Balsamic-Glazed Baby Onions

Here is another alternative to the traditional creamed onions on your holiday table that is much quicker and easier to make. From Good Food Magazine November 1988. - Similiar recipes

Thyme-Roasted Sweet Onions with Tomatoes and Garlic

Great with grilled chicken or meats, or as an addition to hamburgers and other sandwiches. If available, use Vidalia or Maui onions for this delicious condiment. - Similiar recipes

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