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BBQ Wasabi Onions

Use as many onions as you like for this. The ingredient list is only a guide as to how much wasabi you should use. - Similiar recipes

Beef Brisket With Cherry-Merlot Sauce and Caramelized Onions

This brisket is out-of-this-world! Don't skimp on the onions - they are the crowning glory of this incredible dish. I found it under 'recipes' on the Williams Sonoma website. - Similiar recipes

Beef Chuck Steak W/Onions & Peppers

I came up with this for our dinner tonight and DH said that it was excellent and that I needed to post it on that "recipe website" The meat is simmered with the onions and peppers which are then made into a gravy. You could also add mushrooms which I didn't due to an allergy. I did, however, saute some on the side for DH. - Similiar recipes

Beef With Onions and Mushrooms

I'm into quick and easy these days and this popped into my head when I was trying to think of something fast for dinner last night. This would be good with green beans or a salad on the side. Note that the 45 minute cooking time is a little deceptive because you can cut the onions and mushrooms while browning the meat. - Similiar recipes

Best Caramelized Onions

Onions that cook down very slowly and are transformed into an extraordinarily sweet, richly colored side dish or accompaniment. - Similiar recipes

Soft Lentils With Roasted Tomatoes And Caramelized Onions Recipe

SOFT LENTILS WITH ROASTED TOMATOES AND CARAMELIZED ONIONS This recipe came from an estate sale. I obtained it when I purchased the family collection from the Candela Estate in Dallas, Texas in 1997. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Boiled Onions

Boiled onions have always been a traditional part of my family's Thanksgiving dinner. I always assumed it was a mainstay holiday side dish for evey family in Amerca, but since I've gotten 'out in the world' see that I was mistaken. SO - I'm posting this recipe because boiled onions are AWESOME and I hope to hear from other New Englanders who agree with me. I don't wait for Thanksgiving but serve them several times a year. - Similiar recipes

Sauteed Vidalia Onions Recipe

I was so happy when Vidalias and other sweet onions became widely available. I love onions but regular onions often don't agree with me. This recipe and others I have posted or will post come from a grocery store pamplet promoting Vidalia onions from Georgia. - Similiar recipes
Braised Mustard Lamb With Celeriac and Braised Onions

Braised Mustard Lamb With Celeriac and Braised Onions

Legs of lamb are on special at the store at the moment, with 10 CHF off a kilo, so well worth enjoying at that price. They were selling them on the bone and off, I bought a de-boned leg of about 900g of meat. I served this with buttery mushrooms, celeriac and carrot and braised onions. I do usually make this with baby onions, but I could not find any, and I went to 2 stores, so I gave up in the end and bought shallots instead, worked fine and tasted fine but it is better with baby onions. I made this for myself, hubby and son and thought there would be left overs, but they ate all the meat, I think they were just being a bit piggy as this should have served 4 easily. So serving size depends on what kind of appetites you are cooking for, if like my men they are quite big eaters, I would serve some potato with this, either mash or some nice roast ones, you could even make stuffing balls. If you have read any of my recent posts lately you will have read that my hubby and I are trying not to eat to many carbs in th evening, hence I didn't make any with ours. - Similiar recipes

Carna Asada With Grilled Sweet Onions Recipe

CARNA ASADA WITH GRILLED SWEET ONIONS Every year my block has a Cinco de Mayo Party which always turns into a great time with great food. I always ask everyone to bring me their recipes so I can type them up. This is one of the delights from the 2006 party. - Similiar recipes

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