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Orange Smoothie

Orange Smoothie

"A great drink for orange lovers, and a fun way to cool off! Orange juice concentrate is blended with milk and ice to produce a tasty slushy drink!" - Similiar recipes

Orange Banana Tapioca

"Tapioca lovers will enjoy the fruity twist that mandarin oranges and banana slices give this old-fashioned favorite. 'For variety, use any type of juice concentrate instead of orange,' suggests Penny Patras of Sargent, Nebraska." - Similiar recipes

Orange Teriyaki Chicken

"Just two ingredients, teriyaki sauce and orange juice concentrate, are combined in this Asian-style marinade. So easy, so tasty, so make it already!" - Similiar recipes
Orange Poppy Seed Cake

Orange Poppy Seed Cake

"I used orange juice concentrate instead of oil in a poppy seed cake recipe to come up with this terrific dessert. We enjoy moist slices during the holidays and throughout the year." - Similiar recipes
Asparagus in Orange Sauce

Asparagus in Orange Sauce

Say good by to winter with the arrival of fresh asparagus brought to your table! When not in season, green beans may be substituted for the asparagus, or orange juice concentrate may be substituted for the fresh. - Similiar recipes

Spiced Warm Apple Cider

Warms hearts and souls! A soothing drink to unwind with! Sometimes I add a tablespoon or two of orange juice concentrate just for a change!Adapted from Country Living magazine and tweaked a little. This may easily be halved or even quartered. - Similiar recipes

Cranberry Orange Chex Mix

This is so different from any other Chex mix I've tried and so simple to prepare. A co-worker shared this recipe with us after bringing it to a get-together. We all agreed that it made a great holiday munchie. The dried cranberries gives it a festive touch while the orange juice provides a refreshing citrus flavor. Be sure to use concentrate....not juice! - Similiar recipes

Curried Steak With Orange Sauce & Orange Ginger Steak Skewer

In this recipe, a portion of the steak is cut into thin strips, skewered, and seasoned (or not) to the children?s liking. The remaining portion of the steak is left whole and seasoned with a spicy rub or orange, curry, and ginger. The pan juices are deglazed with rice vinegar and orange juice concentrate to make a deliciously sweet and sour orange curry sauce.The kids liked their portions on skewers but wanted to try the adult variation too. This meal is inexpensive and quick?a great family meal. - Similiar recipes
Frozen Lemonade or Fruit Juice Slushies

Frozen Lemonade or Fruit Juice Slushies

An icy treat for hot weather! Kids will love this and parents will to. Things don't taste as sweet when cold so people who like sweeter lemonade will want extra sweetener while those who prefer a tarter drink will not. Adults may enjoy the optional rum or whiskey. Any excess may be frozen in popsicle molds. Variation: Try frozen juice concentrates instead of the lemonade concentrate. I like grapefruit, my kids like grape. Try orange slushies for a summer brunch. - Similiar recipes

Fresh Orange Sherbet

Unlike ice cream, store-bought sherbet is usually third-rate. If you want a really good fruit sherbet, do you have to make it yourself? YES!If using a canister-style ice cream machine, freeze the canister for at least 12 hours or, preferably, overnight. If the canister is not thoroughly frozen, the sherbet will not freeze beyond a slushy consistency. For the freshest, purest orange flavor, use freshly squeezed unpasteurized orange juice (either store-bought or juiced at home). Pasteurized fresh-squeezed juice makes an acceptable though noticeably less fresh-tasting sherbet. Do not use juice made from concentrate, which has a cooked and decidedly unfresh flavor. Vodka can be substituted for the Triple Sec, but I prefer the citrus flavor of the Triple Sec. Prep time includes juice chilling time. Adapted from Cook's Illustrated (America's Test Kitchen. - Similiar recipes

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