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Penne with Pancetta, Tuna, and White Wine

"This is a fresh-tasting pasta dish loaded with good stuff! Pancetta, peas, mushrooms, spinach, flaked tuna, and cherry tomatoes are cooked in a bright-tasting white wine and lemon juice sauce. This recipe calls for canned tuna, but it is also a great way to use leftover tuna steaks." - Similiar recipes
Spinach, Egg, and Pancetta with Linguine

Spinach, Egg, and Pancetta with Linguine

"This is a quick way to get your greens in a tasty pasta. It's simple, but very flavorful. You can substitute spicy salami for the pancetta." - Similiar recipes

Asparagus and Pancetta Salad

"This is a fantastic and simple salad. Use as a first course or an appetizer with great success. Pancetta is Italian bacon, you can substitute regular bacon if you like." - Similiar recipes
Pancetta and Pesto Twice-Baked Potatoes

Pancetta and Pesto Twice-Baked Potatoes

"Topped with crispy pancetta and melted mozzarella cheese, this recipe delivers true Italian taste." - Similiar recipes

Penne With Pumpkin, Crispy Pancetta, Sage and Parmesan

This recipe combines pumpkin with pancetta and sage to make flavourful pasta dish, ideal comfort food. - Similiar recipes

Orecchiette with Pancetta and Broccoli

As you may know, orecchiette is Italian for \"little ears.\" Their size and rounded shape are just right for holding chunky toppings—pancetta, pine nuts, and broccoli fit that bill nicely. Grating Parmigiano-Reggiano over the entire dish is always a good idea. \r\n - Similiar recipes

Tagliatelle with Parsnips and Pancetta (Adapted from Babbo)

\"The tagliatelle with parsnips and pancetta at Babbo is a wonder,\" says Aleksandra Crapanzano of New York, New York. \" I would be thrilled to have the recipe.\"\r\nA good substitute for the homemade \r\ntagliatelle used at Babbo is dried egg \r\nfettuccine or taglierini—we particularly like the Cipriani brand.\r\nActive time: 20 min Start to finish: 20 min - Similiar recipes
Baked Shells With Fresh Spinach and Pancetta

Baked Shells With Fresh Spinach and Pancetta

This is a prepare-ahead one-dish pasta dinner based on a recipe by Nancy Verde Barr in the January 1993 issue of Food & Wine magazine. You may use prosciutto in place of the pancetta. - Similiar recipes
Artichokes Stuffed with Pancetta and Parsley

Artichokes Stuffed with Pancetta and Parsley

(Carciofi Ritti)\r\n\r\nThe best artichokes in Tuscany are the small purple ones that come from the area around Grosseto, a southern city near the sea. But the variety is endless: big ones, little ones, violet ones; served boiled, steamed, even raw. In this dish, which is an interpretation of a classic Florentine recipe, artichokes are filled with a savory mixture of pancetta and parsley, drizzled with olive oil, and braised. - Similiar recipes

Pancetta-Wrapped Chicken with Cabbage

Pancetta, the salty Italian bacon, forms a crust around the chicken. Offer a bottle of Pinot Grigio, a crisp Italian white wine, with this entr\u00E9e. For dessert, try spumoni and sugar cookies. - Similiar recipes

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