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Papaya Passion Smoothie

Papaya Passion Smoothie

"This is the most delicate, creamiest papaya smoothie ever. It is very refreshing and tasty!" - Similiar recipes

Papaya Surprise Smoothie

"Papaya's sunny flavor is a great addition to banana and strawberry, the traditional smoothie favorites." - Similiar recipes
Georgie's Mango Papaya Salad

Georgie's Mango Papaya Salad

"A nice, refreshing tart and sweet salad made with mango, papaya and avocado that is excellent for any time of year. This will turn any meal into a special occasion. Perfect for tropical themed parties!" - Similiar recipes

Green Papaya Salad

"Cucumber can replace the green papaya in this salad." - Similiar recipes

Green Papaya Salad with Shrimp

Green papaya salad in all its regional variations - often flavored with pork, beef, or shrimp (as below)-is hugely popular throughout Southeast Asia. The dish is made from unripe Southeast Asian papayas, which have firm white flesh and white seeds. The current popularity of Vietnamese and Thai food in the United States has increased these papayas' availability, although it is still generally limited to Asian markets. Such papayas can grow to the size of cantaloupes or larger and range in shape from oval to round. Look for rock-hard dark green fruit without a trace of pink or yellow blush. If you don't see any, ask (some shopkeepers do not display them). Those who can't find the right kind of papaya might skip the salad or substitute seedless (European) cucumbers despite the repetition with the main course. Those who can find Southeast Asian green papayas will be treated to a salad that our food editors found irresistible. - Similiar recipes

Cashew and Papaya-Crusted Snapper

Posted for the South and Central America stop on the Summer '08 Zaar World Tour, this dish was created by Donna Shields. The cashew plant is native to northeastern Brazil and adding cashews to this coating adds some crunch, providing a texture contrast for the soft fish underneath. The papaya adds an impressive coral hue to the coating and because this dish can be prepared in advance, it's perfect for company. The pretty pink color of this entree looks great when served next to black beans and rice. - Similiar recipes

Papaya Salad Recipe

This an easy salad that you can make quickly - and substituting carrot for the papaya is an easy trick Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Lemony Papaya Recipe

LEMONY PAPAYA Prep:1m - Similiar recipes

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