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Green Pea Coconut Soup Recipe

This soup is rich and creamy. Goes well with Jiffy cornbread. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Chilled English Pea-Mint Soup

From the New York Times - Similiar recipes

Split pea veggie soup

This recipe was born of "what can I have for dinner with what I have on hand". Adding pork to legumes is an old "hill-billy" trick to make a bland dish have a little flavor, and make a cheap cut of meat go a long way. The okra adds some bite to what is otherwise a pretty bland dish. - Similiar recipes

Andersen?s Split Pea Soup - Copycat

Anderson? Yeah, I?m talking about Anderson?s Pea Soup in Buellton,California off Highway 101 very close to the ?Dutchtown? of Solvang. Anyone who?s ever driven on a long trip up the 5 or 101 freeways in California HAS to have seen these billboard signs seemingly in the middle of nowhere proclaiming: ?Try Anderson?s Split Pea Soup, only 227 miles!?.I don?t actually have a picture of one of the signs but I plan to take one next time I drive up north. This is some marketing genius who thought of this. There is absolutely nothing to do while driving up these long stretches of highway, but look at the scenery. So they just buy up some cheap ad billboard space in 50 mile increments or so and plop their signs down advertising how far it is to their Pea Soup Headquarters.I?d like to know how successful they are in getting people to think about Pea Soup? I know it?s certainly worked on me! I recently decided to make use of the extra ham and ham hock bones that are inevitably left over from Sunday dinner. I?ve never tried to make Split Pea Soup so I stopped by the market and picked up a few bags. - Similiar recipes

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