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Cebollas En Adobo - Sweet & Sour Onions Tapas

These onions are cooked and marinated in a delicious,slightly sweet sauce. They go well with any sauceless tapa. We've made this for dinner parties, cocktail parties and it's always a hit. I use a bag of frozen pearl onions and it turns out wonderfully! Goes well with grilled chicken. We usually eat them warm and I don't always cook them for the full time. Makes 4 largeish servings. - Similiar recipes

Cipolline in Agrodolce (Sweet and Sour Onions)

These are sooooo good. This is one of my mom's favorites. Serve them as part of an antipasto tray or as a side to grilled meat. If you can't find these little Italian onions you can sub with pearl onions, but only if you have to - Similiar recipes

Onions Monegasque

This is an excellent, easily prepared side dish of onions in a wine-flavored sauce. Prepare a mix of 40 onions: fresh shallots and pearl onions, par boiled for 1 minute and peeled and the bottom 2 inches of scallions. Be sure to leave the roots on so they hold together. This is really nice to make for the fall, winter and spring holidays. I like to dress with the tops of the chopped green scallions. The basil and thyme amounts used are for dried. If you are lucky and have fresh, use them and double the amounts called for. - Similiar recipes

Fennel-Crusted Pork Loin With Roasted Pears, Potatoes and Onions

I found this recipe in Real Simple magazine, October 2007. It's just that and yields a great result. My dh is a pork fan and I'm always looking for new ways to prepare it. I love the roasted vegetables and fruit, and with a simple salad and crusty bread you're good to go. I've used sweet potatoes instead of white with tasty results as well. Enjoy! - Similiar recipes

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