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Amy's Dill Pickle and Lettuce Hamburger " Slaw"

Amy's Dill Pickle and Lettuce Hamburger " Slaw"

Created this for a backyard cookout one night at Mom and Pop's house with the neighbors. I call it "slaw" because it's texture and consistency is like a slaw, but the ingredients are not. I am a total dill pickle freak, as my mother is not. I can drink the juice if left alone with the empty jar long enough. We were pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the taste. Just like with any slaw recipe, you will need to adjust the mayo (please use only mayo, it does make a difference!) to how "saucy" you like it. We like ours pretty saucy. Also, the amounts of the ingredients are at your own taste. - Similiar recipes

State Fair Potato Salad

Drizzling sweet pickle juice over the warm potatoes is the secret to this delicious potato salad. Tastes like a contrest entree at the State Fair! From Bon Appetit. - Similiar recipes

Lemon Pickle

A tangy citrus taste that especially complements fish. Sets like jam. I often remelt a small amount, add a little fresh lemon juice and pour over grilled fish. This unusual pickle makes a good gift. Excellent with cold meats, chicken and fish. - Similiar recipes
Beau Rivage Bloody Mary Mix

Beau Rivage Bloody Mary Mix

Ive had a lot on bloody marys in my day and this recipe is one of the best ive ever had mix and chill no need to add anything else except the vodka of course and garnish of celery and pickle from TSR - Similiar recipes

Cabbage Pickles Recipe

It's a "pickle" in the Japanese tradition, not the American one. Usually this woul dbe served as an accompanyment to the appetizer. Think of it as a side dish for the appetizer. Prep:30m - Similiar recipes
Easy, Real Tartar Sauce

Easy, Real Tartar Sauce

I was astounded that not one recipe for tartar sauce on 'zaar actually contained cream of tartar. This is a basic version; add anything you like in your tartar sauce to the base, such as lemon juice, capers, or dill. Tartar sauce is great with just about any fried fish dish. - Similiar recipes

Green Bean and Red Onion Salad With Warm Cider Vinaigrette

From Bon Appétit (Feb 2001). This surprisingly easy and delicious salad will impress any dinner guest! You can also use cider instead of the juice. - Similiar recipes

Okra Spanish Gazpacho Recipe

This is awesome and so refreshing. Packed with all sorts of vitamins and a great way to get your 5 vegetables in. Enjoy. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

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