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Grilled Marinated Pork Fillet

Pork fillet, or tenderloin, contains about as little fat and cholesterol as chicken. Available now in most supermarkets, it is tender and moist. In this recipe, the pork is marinated in honey, jalapeño peppers, and nuoc mam, the fish sauce of the Vietnamese, then grilled. - Similiar recipes
Spanish Pork Braise Recipe

Spanish Pork Braise Recipe

A really unique recipe. A different and great take on osso bucco. The ingredients are not that difficult to find. Most supermarkets carry them or a good butcher will. I would suggest making it a day before at least -- that way all the fat will have congealed in the fridge and you can easily scrape it off. Something new and great. WORTH THE EFFORT. - Similiar recipes

Caribbean Sweet and Sour Pork

The following recipe calls for boiling the pork, which removes even more fat from the already lean pork filet. The sauce is practically fat free. You can also prepare this dish substituting cooked chicken, beef, fish, or shellfish for the pork. Recipe is from Club Med 1. Club Med 1 is the world?s largest sailboat, over 600 feet of luxury, designed to take guests to the islands of their fantasies. - Similiar recipes

Nagamese Pork Recipe

This is a recipe from Nagaland, India. This has to be spicy. Nagas make it with the fat, which is yummier, but less healthy. Try this with chicken too. Prep:25m - Similiar recipes

Pork Fillet With Apple and Leek Sauce

This is a budget family meal and is low in fat. Add a salad for summer and vegetables for winter. - Similiar recipes

Day 1 Ground Pork Sausage

This is for a diversified rotary diet. If you choose these spices, don't choose them again for at least 4 days. This is also a good recipe for those who want to cook with sausage but want a variety lower in fat or without nitrates, nitrites and other preservatives. - Similiar recipes

Favorite Easy Baked Beans - Uses Can Pork & Beans

Moms recipe originally a make over from President Kennedys Baked Beans but a much easier version. Requested at all BBQ's is eaten up fast one serving is never enough. Microwave bacon 1 minute to remove some of fat. - Similiar recipes

Ginger Applesauce Pork Leg Roast

This cut of pork has almost no fat and kept moist with the applesauce crust is very tender. Carve thinly. Serve with boiled, buttered, parselied potatoes and glazed carrots and celery. (2 hours marinating time included in cook time) - Similiar recipes

Low Fat Wont Make You See Red Sweet And Sour Recipe

If you are looking for a traditional Sweet and Sour that will stain your counter top, table cloth, Persian cat and tighty whiteys bright red then this is not the recipe for you. If you want one that has a great taste and is better the most of the Sweet and Sour sauces that you get in your typical Chinese restaurant then you are in luck! I say low fat because I am not doing the breading and deep frying. Why because my waist line doesn’t need it, but I’ll put that step in for those that can afford it - Similiar recipes

Fat Free egg rolls

This was a surprise to me at how good the results were--egg rolls with no fat, no deep frying---WOW! They are fantastic, and fast and easy to make. Don't let the list of ingredients scare you, you can use more or less of one thing, or eliminate a vegetable, or replace one, with no problems. A really great recipe, very low calorie too! - Similiar recipes

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