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Easy Sauces From Pudding Mixes Recipe

Last night we provided 24 servings of bread pudding with 3 sauces for our Church Bake Sale.... at our Spaghetti Supper and they were all gone before the evening was over... The bread pudding was made with leftover doughnuts and the sauces were made from pudding mixes... vanilla, lemon and rum (add 1/4 cup rum to another vanilla pudding mix) - Similiar recipes

Pea Soup From Left Over Pea Pudding Recipe

What to do with left over Pea Pudding? Make a soup!! We went to my sisters for Xmas. Her husband is from Newfoundland and we had a boiled dinner which consisted of Pea Pudding. I like Peas soup so I asked for the leftovers and took it home. Pea Pudding is kind of dry and bland tasting. - Similiar recipes
Deliciously Easy Pudding in a Cloud

Deliciously Easy Pudding in a Cloud

This was the #1 recipe that I used to request my mom to make when I was little. I love pudding and Cool Whip! This is such an easy dessert. You can use any flavor of pudding, but my mom used to always use chocolate pudding! - Similiar recipes

Dreamy Rice Pudding

The most important thing to remember when you make this pudding is not to skimp on ingredients. Full-fat milk and cream with a real vanilla pod will give you a rice pudding to die for. Anything else would be a crime. I could easily eat a whole potful of this myself, but I would also serve it to company at a dinner party. A simple dish, but a classic and beautiful one. - Similiar recipes
Homemade Pudding

Homemade Pudding

"'You can make pudding with this handy mix in no time,' says field editor Margery Bryan of Royal City, Washington." - Similiar recipes

Cream Cheese Pineapple Pudding/Frosting

I have been making this since my son, Jeremy was small, twenty-five years now. He did bring the cake out of the refrigerator one time, the cake being "top heavy" landed upside down on the floor. Now he knows when mom say's she is making "pineapple upside down cake", he knows what I'm making!I also made it for my Dad's 4th of July birthday party, everyone loved it!You can also make it as a pudding, and put in individual serving dishes, for about 8 -10 people. It's that good! - Similiar recipes

Banana Pudding Bites

This came from Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade. This is such a fast way to get your fill of banana pudding. - Similiar recipes

Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream that tastes like banana pudding. - Similiar recipes

Blow Your Mind Banana Pudding

A co-worker gave me this recipe and I fell in love. My husband who really doesn't like banana pudding eats this up everytime I make it! - Similiar recipes
Luscious Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding With Warm Bourbon Sauce Recipe

Luscious Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding With Warm Bourbon Sauce Recipe

Luscious, full of flavor and a delight to savor - this bread pudding is a favorite of mine and my guests. It's easy and gets a glowing me. The original recipe came from Bon App├ętit, but I have played with it and morphed it into my needs and tastes. Prep time includes prep, soaking and the fridge soaking wait time. Enjoy. - Similiar recipes

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