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Red Kidney Beans (Rajma)

"Enjoy this Indian recipe for rajma (red kidney beans) with jeera (cumin) rice. You can spice this up according to your taste! If you have an Indian grocery store in your area, you could add a great taste to it by adding one spoon of 'garam masala' which is a special blend of mixed spices...But it's just as great without it!" - Similiar recipes

Chinese Peppered Green Beans

"Bright, crisp and spicy with crushed green peppercorns, fresh red chile pepper and garlic, these green beans will add lots of flavor and color to your meal. If you can't find Chinese yardlong or 'snake' beans, then regular green beans will do just fine." - Similiar recipes
3 C's Soup #2 (Carrot, Celery & Cranberry 'red' Beans)

3 C's Soup #2 (Carrot, Celery & Cranberry 'red' Beans)

This is a soup I made for my special kids. Many had never had any fresh vegetables so every meal was chucked full of good vitamins.Canned fava beans and chickenbase instead of ham base is delicious. - Similiar recipes

Quick Shrimp And Beans Recipe

Fast fix for a weeknight meal. Like to serve a spinach/chopped romaine salad with a zippy red wine vinegar dressing. Dessert would be lemon sherbert, drizzled with green creme de menthe. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Cajun Red Beans And Rice Recipe

This is my family's all-time fave way to eat kidney beans! Great cold-weather supper dish. Only need a salad & maybe a dessert for a complete meal.You can make it as hot or mild as you like. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

Red Beans And Rice Recipe

This is an extraordinary and filling dish. This is just from memory. I've never before written it down. I may edit it as I remember things. We never get tired of beans because there are just so many ways to fix them! Prep:15m - Similiar recipes
Drunken Peruano Beans With Cilantro and Bacon

Drunken Peruano Beans With Cilantro and Bacon

This recipe is adapted from Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen. I purchased some peruano beans (also called mayocoba beans) and wasn't sure what to do with them and found this recipe online. Peruano beans can be used any time navy beans are used and are from Mexico. This is a nice and spicy pot of beans that you can throw inside of a burrito or just eat plain. I added extra jalapenos and used red onion instead of yellow (I did not change the recipe--only how I made it). I also used rum in place of tequila because it's what I had. Very tasty! Thank you Rick Bayless! - Similiar recipes

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